Security Awareness Training

When your employees are your last line of defense against ransomware and phishing attacks, make sure they KnowBe4.

Delivering excellence in security awareness training

These days, every company is at risk of falling victim to a cyberattack through ransomware and phishing scams. As these attacks become more advanced, so do your user awareness training needs. Make sure your employees know how to not only recognize a phishing email, but also alert your security team in order to analyze the email.

Dean Dorton and KnowBe4 have partnered to provide your employees with the most popular integrated platform for security awareness training, combined with simulated phishing attacks.

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Why You Need Security Awareness Training as Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Here’s how KnowBe4 works:

After training your employees on phishing email detection, we work with your IT team to implement phishing email tests to your users.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Process

Features and benefits:

Plans and functionality vary. Contact us for more details.

Dig in to KnowBe4:

Benefits of Knowbe4:

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