Family Office

Why Family Office?

Significant wealth often leads to exciting opportunities but handling everyday tasks and relationships with all your advisors, deciphering risks and benefits of decisions, and keeping up with regulatory changes while enhancing your family’s wealth can be overwhelming. A family office is a private group that centrally provides services to your family. Easily manage the complexity of your family’s lives while enhancing and protecting the essential components of your success. Pursue what matters most to you and streamline the rest.

We take away the burden and manage the complexity by handling your day-to-day, supporting your family’s long-term goals and transitions, and coordinating all your endeavors including innovation, legacy, and philanthropic goals with a unified strategy.

What can you gain with our help?

As your advisor we are your trusted and reliable partner who understands the importance of family structures, generational wealth, and your future. We take care of operational, financial, technological, and administrative tasks so you can focus on making meaningful impact throughout your life.

We work in tandem with your other advisors like bankers, lawyers, insurance, and others to accomplish your goals.

Our dedicated family office team and services give you the ultimate holistic approach to optimize your life.

About Dean Dorton’s Family Office Team

  • More than 25 years of providing family office services to families with complex wealth including individuals and families represented in the Forbes’ Top 400 list

  • Extensive experience serving large and complex family groups including single family, multi-family, and virtual family offices

  • Long track record of succession planning and coaching, mentoring, and educating family members of all generations

  • Desire to help families preserve wealth, meet philanthropic and civic goals, and enhance each family’s legacy

  • Serving clients nationally and internationally

Family Office Team Leaders

Family Office Services Director

Family Office Services Associate Director

Family Office Services

It takes a unique understanding of all the elements of your life, goals, and dreams to enhance your success with the right strategies and personalized advantages. Dean Dorton’s family office services can be customized and scaled to meet your needs now and in the future. Some of our family office services include:

Family Office

  • Organization and structure

  • Professional services coordination (accounting, legal, investment, tax, banking, etc.)

  • Insurance strategy and coordination

  • Family governance

  • Generational education/guidance

  • Document retention/management

  • Collectibles coordination

  • Lifestyle and administrative support

  • Risk management

  • Human resources support

Accounting & Financial

  • Family CFO

  • Bill pay

  • Cash flow/budget

  • Brokerage reconciliation

  • Finance/banking

  • Financial reporting/dashboards

  • Payroll coordination


  • Grants administration

  • Gifting strategy

  • Private Foundations versus Donor-Advised Funds coordination


  • Tax compliance

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning

  • Gifting guidance

  • Philanthropic considerations


  • Managed IT systems and support

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data analytics


  • Business valuation

  • Forensic accounting

  • Wealth management

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