Whistleblower Hotline

Tip hotlines have proven to be one of the most effective ways to detect or prevent fraud.

43% of detected fraud is uncovered due to a tip. Operating without a whistleblower hotline may be accepting unnecessary risk.

We believe that organizations should make it easy for their employees to report suspected fraudulent activity/theft, misconduct, or unethical behavior, and to remain completely anonymous throughout the entire reporting process.

Dean Dorton’s whistleblower hotline is a turnkey solution for businesses of all sizes.

It provides your employees with a safe, secure, and anonymous way to report critical issues such as safety violations, threats, harassment, substance abuse, and discrimination, and to continue anonymous communication with the hotline.

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Median losses were nearly DOUBLED at organizations without hotlines

With hotlines: $100,000
Without hotlines: $198,000

Organizations with hotlines detect frauds MORE QUICKLY than those without hotlines

With hotlines: 12 months
Without hotlines: 18 months

Data from Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2020 Report to the Nations

Whistleblower hotline benefits

Actual report transcripts received by our whistleblower hotline:

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