Dean Dorton’s Assurance Expertise

Smart leaders get more out of assurance services than a compliant report. Dean Dorton’s assurance services team provides independent, high quality and professional opinions on financial statements and other information – but we also pay attention, ask questions, organize information and provide context so that management, owners, decision makers and other stakeholders can make more informed and better decisions.

Our approach to assurance services requires that our professionals have a sound understanding of a client’s operations and the environment in which they operate. We use procedures that fit with your operations, systems, and procedures. We will not waste your resources, or ours, in using standardized approaches that are not practical for your environment. Our approach ensures that we provide value to our clients and deliver effective and efficient services on a timely basis.

Dean Dorton’s Assurance Services

We offer a full range of assurance services, all delivered with the highest standards of independence and integrity. To ensure the highest quality assurance services, Dean Dorton is a member of the Center for Audit Quality of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is required to have a peer review completed every three years. Our most recent peer reviews contain no deficiencies or findings.

The assurance services we provide include the following: