Outsourced/Co-sourced IT Internal Audit Solutions

Addressing external or internal compliance requirements is nothing new to public companies, but the requirements are changing at a swift pace. Whether you are looking to accelerate the establishment of an internal IT audit function or realize cost savings by moving to an outsourced model, Dean Dorton can provide your organization with a complete outsourced solution to see rapid results. Many organizations large enough to have an internal audit department are often not large enough to employ full-time IT audit resources—we can fill your need for the IT internal audit function. The breadth and depth of our skilled IT internal audit professionals makes your business more efficient, ensures objectivity, and allows you to focus on your core functions.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you having difficulty finding Internal IT Audit talent?
  • Are you struggling to stay educated on various IT compliance requirements?
  • Are there key IT controls that should be tested regularly but aren’t?
  • Are you relying on an external audit firm to perform testing of IT controls?
  • Have you identified areas of concern regarding your IT controls?
  • Have there been, or will there be, significant changes to systems and/or processes?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Dean Dorton’s team of IT Audit and Compliance professionals can add value to your organization through our outsourced/co-sourced internal IT audit solutions.

Our Methodology

1. Determine Approach and Scope

We will conduct interviews with management and the Audit Committee to assess the scope of the internal audit plan and how our testing should be performed to best benefit your organization. Our previous internal audit experiences will help drive the questions and provide focus for the internal audit plan.

2. Develop Work Programs

We will develop work programs. The work programs will be consistent with your needs or any regulatory compliance and will also include key dates and reporting requirements. The work programs will list out the objectives and steps to be performed.

3. Perform Audit

We form a best-in-class team to meet the audit needs and work with you to create a schedule that fits your desired timeline. We work very hard to maintain continuity of the engagement team to enhance efficiencies of the work. We use a collaborative, online project management tool to actively manage, share status updates and communicate throughout the project.

4. Reporting to Audit Committee and Management

At the completion of our testing we provide a draft report to management for its review. The report includes the objectives, findings, and recommendations of the project. If appropriate, management will have a chance to respond to any recommendations prior to the report’s submission to the Audit Committee.

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