There’s no doubt, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online are massively popular accounting solutions for solopreneurs and small businesses. The solutions are inexpensive and easy to navigate – almost all businesses started with QuickBooks.

One clue that your company has outgrown QuickBooks is an ever-increasing number of spreadsheets necessary to manage the business.
Spreadsheets to assist in ad-hoc reporting.  Spreadsheet to track customer subscriptions.  Spreadsheets to track revenue recognition.  You get the picture.

This multiple spreadsheet workaround is both burdensome and prone to human error. What results is a slowing of business operations: your top staff becomes bogged down in manual oversight tasks instead of focusing on value-added projects that promote growth.

So, if you’d like to free yourself from spreadsheets and other manual processes and focus on business viability and growth and profitability, here’s why Sage Intacct makes sense:

1) It’s automated and accurate, promoting transparency and effective decision-making.
2) It can be used by any type of business, from start-ups and small business to large enterprises.
3) QuickBooks Online may let you create and manage custom invoices, but Sage Intacct includes more robust features: it allows you to centralize accounts payable/receivable, facilitates multi-currency management and multi-entity consolidations, and (through its general ledger system) captures real-time business performance through dimension values.
4) If you have multiple entities, Sage Intacct lets you oversee them in one location. With Sage Intacct’s Root and Entity accounting system, you can set up each entity according to its unique features, e.g, different currencies for different entities.
5) Sage Intacct lets you control user access to sensitive business data. For example, employees can be provided self-service access to the sales order page but be blocked from the reports or purchasing pages. Managers can also call up departmental reports without being given access to the entire company’s financial data.
6) While both Quickbooks Online and Sage Intacct provide dashboards, Sage Intacct’s can be customized according to user preferences or roles. With Sage Intacct, you can use either pre-determined components from the list or create your own performance cards, graphs, and bar charts. To date, QuickBooks Online does not yet have this flexibility.

According to Finances Online, Sage Intacct is one of the top 10 alternatives to QuickBooks, with a reported score of 9.8 and 99% customer satisfaction. Sage Intacct offers definite advantages over QuickBooks Online, FinancialForce Accounting, and NetSuite.

Sage Intacct is a best-of-breed, cloud-based, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for SMBs and large enterprises, rather than a one-size-fits-all software suite such as NetSuite. Unlike QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct is also 100% GAAP-compliant.

Sage Intacct’s dashboards and reports are fully customizable and perfect for multi-currency management, inter-entity consolidations, and access control management. Sage Intacct links seamlessly to Salesforce via an effortless point-and-click CRM integration process seamlessly links to Salesforce, even for companies without prior familiarity with the latter. Essentially, Sage Intacct facilitates seamless scalability and is an extremely popular step up from QuickBooks Online.

The Benefits Of Sage Intacct

In 2017, six award-winning companies leveraged Sage Intacct to decrease close times by 60%, achieved an astonishing combined 410% ROI, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced staffing needs. These companies were (in no particular order) Meals on Wheels America, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Legacy Healthcare Services, DFO, Publisher Circulation Fulfillment, and Workiva.

With Sage Intacct, DFO found that it could consolidate 80+ entities in minutes rather than days/weeks. The cloud-based solution also decreased DFO’s invoice processing costs by more than $250 per invoice. Meanwhile, Meals on Wheels America shortened their end-of-month close times by 33% and reaped increasing revenues with only a 25% increase in staffing.

Workiva (with its powerful enterprise management and reporting/compliance SaaS platform) reportedly gained $500k in value by utilizing Sage Intacct’s robust quote-to-cash process. The verdict is clear: with Sage Intacct, your business will reap the rewards of flawless scalability and agility.

For further help in evaluating how Sage Intacct can benefit your business, contact usWhether you’re interested in how automation increases staff productivity or how Sage Intacct’s faster cash cycles can boost your business operations, we’re here to answer your questions. At Massey Consulting, we’re focused on solutions that work for you.