Can you believe it? The end of summer is approaching and Sage Intacct has launched its third quarterly update last Friday, August 23rd. With each update comes powerful changes that strengthen and enhance the usability of the software… So what does this mean for Sage Intacct users?

In each release, Sage Intacct sticks by three major themes and objectives regarding their updates:

  • Providing deep cross-industry functionality which ensures your software is optimized to support your business needs
  • Strengthening the global operational scale with streamlined and automated capabilities
  • Emphasizing the best-in-class cloud platform using more performance and scale investments

This year for Release 3, some of the largest changes coming your way include:

  • Contracts
  • Projects
  • Bank feeds
  • Budgeting and planning

Below are details for each one:


With the contracts module, Sage Intacct has established new processing tools that will allow users to have easier reconciliation and change management, faster implementation of the contracts module, and be able to streamline acquisition onboarding.

Additionally, users can now include Project/Task-based revenue recognition in MEA allocations on Contracts and automatically adjust MEAs based on project and task-based completion activity.


Sage Intacct users now have the capabilities for a simple project set up by selecting standard tasks from the catalog to create project tasks. This will enable efficiencies and facilitate consistency across projects.


Bank feeds are a BIG deal this release! Sage Intacct has rolled out an enhanced streamlining process and reconciliation for bank feeds. This means:

  • Automated matching for daily cash insight
  • Easy creation of un-entered transactions


The major change with the budgeting and planning add-on is the new streamlined budget creation. Users can now drag and drop dimensions and accounts, populate actuals into previous budgets, and update budget lines with Sage Intacct data.

Overall, Release 3 is full of changes that will expand reporting capabilities for Sage Intacct users across the entire platform. There is more flexibility, ease-of-navigation, better usability to minimize clicks, and much more.

For more details on each of the minor and major changes, contact Dean Dorton or visit Sage Intacct’s Release Notes page.