Each quarter, Sage Intacct conducts a quarterly release update. The second release of 2019 came out on Friday, May 17th. There were two main themes emphasized in this release, including saving time and reducing risk.

Check out some of the minor and major changes that are featured in this new release:

Accounts Payable: Filter, then pay

Administration: More control over content security policy

Consolidations: Update to historical rate calculation

Projects: Transaction rules filter

Reporting and Insights: More out-of-box dashboards

Workflow: Post sales and purchase transactions to user-defined books


  • Categorize contracts with new contract types
  • Estimated variable consideration for Time and Materials projects
  • In this release, we provide the infrastructure to defer estimated time-based revenue for Time and Materials.
  • Bill projects at percent complete threshold levels


  • Manage seasonal and variable demand forecasts
  • Demand forecast by fluctuating values
  • Replenish based on forecast, current stock, and actual orders
  • More visibility into actual landed cost distribution details

Bank Reconciliation and Cash Flow Management

  • Stronger segregation of duties
  • Separate permissions for reconcile, review & finalize, reporting
  • Enhanced match handling
  • Manually select and match voided and reversed transactions within Intacct when reconciling via import.

Purchasing and Order Entry

  • Additional GL Posting to User-Defined Books
  • Purchasing: Track spend commitments and automate reversal when booked to AP
  • Order Entry: Track expected incoming funds and automate reversal when booked to AR
  • Visibility into net commitments for spend management

Dynamic Allocations

  • Automatically “true up” post-period changes to eliminate blind spots
  • Simultaneous reversal and correction to eliminate blind spots
  • Recurring allocations- “self-driving allocations”
  • Expanded basis options
  • Complete automation- shift from hours of manual calculation to oversight and analysis

Action UI

  • Enables greater productivity and ease of use
  • Entity picker
  • More company preferences, including entity colors and menu navigation updates

full release 2 notes here