Sage Intacct’s third quarterly release of 2018 is here and brings a number of additions and improvements to the application. Here are some highlights of the changes:


* Annual billing cycles are now available for those multi-year contracts that need to be billed yearly.

* A new configuration option for GL posting date you specify a billing schedule when the GL posting date is earlier than the billing start date.

* User interface improvements on contract views now show more commonly-used fields like contract journal symbols, billing status, revenue status, and delivery status.

Customization & Development:

* Creating smart events and smart rules is now much easier with the addition of the field lookup tool. This tool will let you pick field injections when writing conditions or targets on smart events or smart rules.

* The first version of the Intacct SDK for Node.js is now available. See the getting started link for more details:

* A warning rule will no longer block API calls. Previously, an API call that generated a warning message in the system was blocked. Now such warnings will be ignored and the calls will go through. Only true errors will prevent API calls, not warnings due to business logic or other factors such as configuration options.

General Ledger:

* You can now choose a different book and journal when duplicating a journal entry.

Salesforce Integration:

* Layout customizations for Opportunity Products are available through VisualForce. You can now create a simplified template for different profiles based on the fields that profile needs to access. This lets you streamline the entry of Opportunity Products.

* Syncing accounts and contacts are now smarter. There are fields on contacts that are required for Intacct to correctly function, so now those required fields are mapped and only start syncing when required fields are filled in. This ensures that the correct information is always in Intacct and limits the number of API calls.

* The Sage Intacct CRM Integration fields are now available for use with Salesforce Process Builder.

Spend Management

* Spend management can now extend to both Accounts Payable bills and General Ledger journal entries. Each application has independent controls which can be set up separately to stop or warn on a budget overage. For GL transactions in particular, you specify an account group to restrict validation to only those accounts included in the group.

* Get proactive notifications on budget overages with new email alerts. These alerts include a summary of every transaction that exceeded the specified budget during the selected interval in applications configured to warn on a budget overage.

Dive deeper into the Sage Intacct R3 Notes HERE.

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