SaaS companies are unique in their complexities.

In every stage of its growth, your SaaS company metrics focus should evolve to support success.  That means your financial system must come with some pretty fast footwork if it’s going to offer the flexibility and depth required to scale with your business for the long haul.

Companies just starting up are busy getting the word out about their business. They are pounding the internet pavement to get the subscriptions they need to build momentum. These companies need complex metrics relating to CRM, conversion rates, key leads, and website visits. They feel the squeeze between payroll, expenses, and A/P and A/R to keep customer relationships tight, and the business strong.

For early-stage SaaS with a solid subscription base, things start to get more complex as they keep a close eye on customer acquisition costs as well as monthly and recurring revenues. They gain their footing with new business and start hustling down the field, only to feel customer churn nipping at their heels.

SaaS businesses in the rapid growth stage have their roots and need to keep up with success while adjusting to their fast-growing size. As they start to build add-on’s and subscription modification options, they need to track their upsell, cross-sell efficacy, revenue recognition, and customer lifetime values, to name a few.

Finally, the SaaS public companies out there coming up on the end zone have to focus on metrics with even more complexity. These companies are looking at compliance on a massive scale, sales and quota forecasting, greater depth into market analysis, and in customer and revenue growth in year over year, and month over month break-outs.

With such a wide range of metrics that morph and fluctuate in priority through the many stages of industry-specific growth, SaaS companies need a system that can handle these changes quickly and effectively.

These companies need a flexible, yet powerful cloud-based financial management system like Sage Intacct. With Intacct, SaaS companies can get fast answers, and relief in smoother processes:

  • Deep, yet customized broad-scale automation to handle A/P, A/R transactions, consolidations, month-end closings and much more, no matter how big or small the business.
  • Flawless compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 regulations specific to SaaS companies.
  • Real-time, customizable dashboards breaking out only the metrics decision-makers and stakeholders need to quickly build strategies and grow the business.
  • Lock-tight security and seamless integration with other best-in-class solutions that SaaS companies need to keep business moving along at a steady clip.

Whether your growing SaaS company is raring to go at the 50-yard line or coming up fast on the end zone, you can reach your 2018 goals with Sage Intacct’s SaaS business-ready solutions.

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