The higher education industry is transforming fast. Issues ranging from new technologies to the ongoing pandemic are pushing everyone to evolve in countless ways, sooner than many expected. As the industry navigates perhaps the biggest inflection point in its entire history, it’s crucial for any college or university to lay plans for the future and put resources in place. Step one is knowing where to turn for help.

Higher Education Services for the Modern Institution

Today’s public and private schools are tech-driven enterprises just as much as institutions of higher learning. They have vast and complicated requirements for accounting, compliance, technology, taxes and so much more. Keeping the organization stable on all fronts – financial and otherwise – requires widespread excellence and coordination. It’s a high standard for any organization to meet…and it’s about to get much harder.

The evolution of higher education will lead to sweeping changes, large and small, affecting almost everything associated with managing goals and performance. It’s easy to highlight individual changes (virtual learning, for instance) but hard to imagine them collectively and see what the full consequences will be.

That’s why higher education clients need the help of a team skilled in multiple disciplines – technology, taxes, assurance, consulting – including everywhere they overlap. Having extensive higher education services to rely on ensures that clients receive whatever insight, assistance, or analysis they need to adapt as the coming months and years demand. Look for one team to provide comprehensive services instead of multiple specialized service providers.

Industry Expertise When it Matters Most

Just as important as having a single partner is picking one with extensive experience in higher education. Plenty of advisors offer to conduct audits plus help with software selection. Far fewer have deep expertise into the challenges, opportunities, and obligations facing higher education. Industry expertise will be essential at this moment.

A team that has spent years working with public and private institutions understands how to optimize everything from student data security to financial aid planning. They also understand how to adapt the inner workings of an organization in response to the outside forces swirling around higher education. At a time when acting quickly, confidently, and strategically couldn’t be more important, higher education insiders provide the greatest value. Lean on their hard-won expertise to not just change but improve, entering the future stronger than before.

Dean Dorton – The Region’s Higher Education Advisor

Our team has more than 200 years of combined experience advising colleges and universities throughout the region. We have unparalleled insight into the needs of our clients, and we offer a full-spectrum of higher education services to meet those needs. Feel confident about the future – contact Dean Dorton.

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Software Services Director • 919.796.5408