Dean Dorton has been engaged by two physician owned hospitals with focuses on surgical procedures. Our project is to evaluate their business needs as it relates to electronic health record (EHR) systems and facilitate the evaluation, selection, contracting, and implementation of a new EHR solution. We are currently underway with the requirements definition phase of the project.

Where do you fit in? First, we would appreciate your time in filling out a very brief survey related to your existing EHR solution. The information gathered will help us determine the best possible direction and hopefully help assist us in avoiding any lessons that you may have learned the hard way.

Second, if you have found yourself in the same position as our clients (using an EHR that is not meeting Meaningful Use requirements or an EHR that has been purchased by another company and is expected to be retired), would you be interested in joining the project to explore and identify the best possible solution to meet your organization’s needs? We are planning to move both clients forward together or separately, if necessary. If a common solution can be identified, our goal is to use the combined size of the clients as price and contract negotiation leverage. Ideally, this approach will allow each client to have options that may otherwise be cost and resource prohibitive. We would be glad to include your organization in this process.

Click the button below to complete our physician owned hospital EHR survey by Friday, June 3.Take the Survey by June 3

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Any feedback you can share will be invaluable to us in our project. For those completing the survey, we will plan to share the results with all survey participants.

Feel free to contact Jason Miller, Director of Technology Consulting, at with any questions.

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