In December, one of Massey Consulting’s Staff Accountants, attended a Sage Intacct Implementation and Configuring class in Atlanta, GA. She wrote on her experiences and takeaways from the class.

By: Hannah Sarradet

One outstanding feature of Sage Intacct is that they offer and encourage users to engage in a learning experience through the “Implementing and Configuring Sage Intacct” session. The classroom moves around the country from month-to-month and even week-to-week, teaching Sage Intacct users how to properly and efficiently configure the unique cloud accounting system. I recently had the opportunity to participate in the class that took place in Atlanta, GA during the first week of December. Here are my own personal takeaways from the course:

1) Sage Intacct “Dimensions” feature enables new capabilities. Although it comes with many useful features, one thing that differentiates this accounting system from others is the unique idea of adding “dimensions” into the mix in order to improve financial reporting abilities. The software allows the user to associate any entry with a corresponding dimension, such as a department, class, vendor, customer, etc. for the purpose of adding insight to financial reports. This means that companies can group revenue and expenses by certain dimensions to account for exactly where their money is coming from and going to, giving them the ability to not only observe, but also improve business processes company-wide.

2) Sage Intacct has an extensive line of staff ready and willing to help its students in learning to master this system, which can be complex. My personal professor, Russ Lemker, was extremely friendly and always eager to help us in any way possible, which made the class an enjoyable experience. I was happy to see that answers were provided promptly and accurately by Russ as well as a number of other contacts inside Sage Intacct whenever that proved to be necessary.

3) Sage Intacct software is organized and structured for convenience. Being a novice to the Sage Intacct system (and to accounting software in general for that matter), I was certainly nervous about fully grasping the implementation process going into the class at the start of the week. Though it is a complex software, I was pleased to discover that the Intacct system is laid out to make configuration as user-friendly as possible. After taking the class, I now feel more confident in my ability to effectively utilize Sage Intacct to its full potential.

4) The class is accommodating to people and businesses across the board. Personally, I was attending the class as a new user and future consultant at a VAR partner, but many of the attendees were from IAP partners, personal businesses, CPA firms, etc. The software is designed to provide different functions depending on the specific business utilizing it. Sage Intacct staff is able to teach configuration from multiple different points of view, taking into consideration the needs of different types of users.

Overall, the class was a success! As a recent college graduate, I am not only new to Massey Consulting, but also to the world of accounting software. However, I can now move forward at Massey with some new-found knowledge that will allow me to help our clients get the most out of their own Sage Intacct system.

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