nexonia spotlightMassey Consulting’s area of expertise is accounting software solutions, with our primary focus on ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Sage Intacct.

ERP systems like Sage Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics GP operate at the core business and provide the most value when integrated with other mission-critical applications.

Massey Consulting understands this and has evaluated and researched a variety of different add-on solutions that integrate seamlessly with the systems they already have in place. Need something for tax compliance? Look no further. Want a robust payroll processing system? We got it. What about automated time and expense management? Keep on reading.

This month, we’re highlighting Massey Consulting’s partnership with Nexonia, one of the leading time-and-expense-management solutions for organizations of any size. The partnership between Nexonia and Massey Consulting developed in 2015.

About Nexonia

Nexonia, established in 2004, is part of the Certify, Inc. family of brands. The company focuses on serving clients primarily across North America, with offices in Portland ME, San Francisco, San Diego, and Dallas. Nexonia has customers in over 60 countries and also two offices in Canada.

Nexonia solutions include expense automation, travel booking, invoice and AP approval, time tracking, and time-off solutions.
From small business to enterprise, Nexonia serves a wide range of businesses, with users ranging from 5 to 2,000.

Benefits of Nexonia

Users of Nexonia can expect a wide range of benefits and efficiencies around time and expense management, including:

  • Ease of expenses creation, submission, and approval routing
  • Expense policy automation and fraud reduction
  • Reduction in time and cost of submitting, approving, and entry of data into accounting software through deep integrations with ERP systems
  • Improved visibility and timing of financial data so that Finance can manage their businesses expenses and help provide better business insight

The solution is unique because of its deep integration with ERP systems. Unlike many other expense solutions, Nexonia has the ability to integrate with the client’s ERP software, which allows hundreds of configurable fields to be set up and shared between Nexonia and that ERP.

Nexonia’s flexibility means they can accommodate the individual business needs of every company, creating a truly customizable experience for the client.

“Massey is a great company to partner with,” said Rob McGarry, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Nexonia. “Nexonia’s focus on Sage Intacct as a key ERP integration is aligned with Massey’s focus. Our goal is to add value for new customers and ensure existing customers have as many important needs met by Massey Consulting’s offerings as possible. Our consultative sales approach ensures that the client gets a solution that satisfies their business needs and positions them for success.”

ERP/Nexonia integration means daily synchronization of data providing customers with up-to-date, real-time data.
Nexonia also continues to prove to be customer-centric. “One of our main differentiators from other solutions is our customer service. Nexonia ensures our customers are able to solve any challenges by working with a real person on the phone, by email, or through our online ticketing service”, said McGarry.

The solution is widely used in a variety of organizations including non-profit, professional services, financial services, government, healthcare, and technology. Some of their most notable clients are Fitbit, Marketo, and Survey Monkey.

“We have a successful partnership with Nexonia and are huge advocates of the product, but it goes further than that. We use Nexonia to manage time and expense at Massey Consulting. The efficiencies of the expense automation system and time-keeping ability are invaluable to us as an organization,” said Philip Massey, President of Massey Consulting.

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