3 hours, 180 minutes, 10,800 seconds…no, it’s not a song from Rent, but the average amount of time I lost completing an expense report. Or it was until I started working at Massey Consulting and was introduced to Nexonia.

After returning from a conference with several expenses and receipts, I embarked upon using Nexonia for the first time. I literally exclaimed, “Why didn’t I have this 10 years ago????”

I can’t tell you the countless hours I have spent on expense reports in the past. As someone with an average expense report each month of $10K, I was calling for hotel receipts, digging through emails, calling vendors for invoices, and keeping up with every paper receipt. My expense report was a major task and time-consuming. I truly was amazed at how easy Nexonia is to use and the time it saved me…so amazed that I want to share with you 6 reasons why you should try Nexonia:

1-There’s an app! Let’s face it – we all want an app. It’s in our hand, it’s with us everywhere, and it’s convenient. We really want the app! Nexonia has mobile applications for iPhone™, Android™, and Blackberry®. Yes, Blackberries are still out there! No Wi-Fi? No problem! With the Nexonia app simply enter your expenses and wait for the sync.

2-Nexonia’s Cloud-based web application No downloads, no checking the “About” section for the version you are on, the application is always available if you have access to a browser. The web application is an alternative to the mobile app and allows for easy reporting and approvals at the administrative level. So whether you are on the go or sitting at your desk, Nexonia has you covered.

3-No More Paper Receipts! No more cleaning out the bottom of your computer bag to find receipts. No more calling that restaurant to get a copy of a receipt that got washed in your pocket. Simply snap a picture with your phone while at the restaurant, download the Uber receipt from your email, use GPS mapping to calculate your mileage – it’s simple, quick and PAPERLESS.

4-Quick Approval We all want to get paid sooner rather than later. With Nexonia, reimbursement is a few clicks away. Click for approval and in a couple of days or less, there’s money in the bank. No more floating money to pay the bill before interest hits. Approval is quick and reimbursement is fast.

5-Reporting No more spreadsheets to type and code, then export, then import. With Nexonia, reports are shared and accessed through the mobile or web application and can be exported on an as-needed basis. With integration into most ERP and accounting systems, Nexonia makes reporting seamless and effortless.

6-Nexonia saves time With Nexonia, it’s literally minutes to enter, record, and submit your expenses, not 3 hours, 180 minutes, 10,800 seconds. I completed my expense report in a few minutes while standing at my kitchen counter the other night. No more taping receipts and highlighting the dates and amounts. No more writing down mileage. No more chasing your manager down for a signature of approval. And, most importantly, no more waiting until the next pay period to get reimbursed. Through the whole process from entry to reimbursement, Nexonia saves you time. And if you’re like me, time is something you don’t want to waste on an expense report.

So those are my top reasons for using Nexonia. Oh yes, there are others like top-notch customer support, exchange rate calculations, and DCAA compliance, but for me, it’s about quick, simple, easy, and the time savings. Nexonia makes expense reports easier and that works for me!

Email kdenton@masseyconsulting.net if you’d like a demo of the Nexonia Expense solution.