The announcement has trickled to users that Microsoft Dynamics GP is launching a new release on October 1st, 2019!

Typically, past releases included the year portion at the end of the release, but going forward, there will be no date.  For example, there will be no Dynamics GP 2019 R2- the releases will just be called “Microsoft Dynamics GP”.

Users are excited that there are almost forty new features and enhancement coming out with this release. For details about all the changes,  Microsoft has announced a plan to post a blog series called “Feature of the Day” to update users of the individual enhancements in detail. This blog can be found HERE.

Modern Lifecycle Policy

Another major change is that this product will now be a part of the Modern Lifecycle Policy, which covers products and services that are serviced and supported continuously. This policy is also used by Office 365 and Dynamics 365.
Under this policy, the product or service remains in support IF the following criteria are met:

  1. Customers must stay current as per the servicing and system requirements published for the product or service.
  2. Customers must be licensed to use the product or service.
  3. Microsoft must currently offer support for the product or service.

Enhancements and Features

Some of the most notable changes in features and enhancements can be found below:

Dynamics GP release
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