Have you been thinking about cloud accounting and wondering why more and more companies are adopting it every day?

Are you also wondering: What is the cloud anyway?Is it safe? Is it expensive? What will I gain and lose with it?

We know the subject can be overwhelming and there is never enough time in the day to learn all you need to learn. But we are here to help. We know the cloud inside out, so let’s start by answering those questions.

Q: What is the cloud?

The cloud is a network of computers hosting systems and data that are accessed through the Internet.

Let’s say you decide to move your accounting to the cloud. Once you are up and running everybody in the company can access the accounting system from any computer that has Internet access. This brings a lot of flexibility to everybody in the organization. And some systems—like Intacct—even provide mobile access through smartphones and tablets. Imagine your management team approving payments, contracts or invoices on the go!

Q: Is it safe?

Yes, it is. Just make sure you select a reliable provider that proves to you that for their cloud they use encrypted communications, the servers are in a secure location, the data is backed up frequently and they have established procedures for any server changes.

Q: Is it expensive?

No, it is usually cheaper than on-premise solutions. When you are in the cloud you save on IT costs including personnel, software, and infrastructure. You know your costs up front, the monthly or annual fee is agreed at the time you sign a contract with the solution provider.

Q: What do I gain?

In addition to the ease of access to the accounting system from anywhere you also release valuable IT resources to concentrate on more important things. The accounting software provider takes care of all the maintenance for you. Your system is always up to date.

Q: Do I lose anything?

You may think that you won’t have access to your data anymore and that your solution in the cloud will be isolated from other systems. Again, with a good software provider, you won’t have these problems. Intacct for example gives you pre-built pieces of software (APIs) that will let you create interfaces between the accounting solution and other solutions—cloud or not.

With those first few questions out of the way, you must be eager to learn more about the cloud. Click here and learn about the 11 Reasons Companies Will Move to Cloud Accounting This Year. In this easy to understand whitepaper, we bring you up-to-speed on the cloud and tell you why it is a good idea to move your accounting to the cloud now.