Following our commitment to bring the best cybersecurity resources to the Kentucky market, we’re proud to announce the addition of Michael Gilliam our Cybersecurity Team! Michael joins Dean Dorton as a Manager of Cybersecurity Services, based out of the Lexington office, significantly growing the firm’s cybersecurity expertise.

Michael has a combined 12 years of experience working with security operations and conducting technical security assessments including penetration tests. He has experience with vulnerability and patch management, computer forensics, incident response, security awareness training and development, network intrusion detection, and various testing methodologies.

Michael’s certifications include ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, IACRB Certified Computer Forensics Examiner, and Snort Certified Professional.

Gui Cozzi, Cybersecurity Practice Lead,

“Michael has a tremendous reputation in the cybersecurity field across all industries. He has experience working for and assessing highly secure and regulated organizations. I recently talked to a large regional bank with $5 billion in assets in Kentucky, and they told me that Mike was the best penetration tester they had ever worked with. I am excited to bring this level of expertise to our clients.”

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If you could talk to a board member about cybersecurity, what would you tell them?
With the number of breaches that have been in the news over the past few years, I think boards are well aware of the impact cybersecurity can have on an organization. I find that listening is much more effective than telling. I’d like to hear from the board member about their challenges, concerns, and priorities as they relates to cybersecurity. It is through these that I would frame any concerns related to that would need to be brought to the attention of the board member.

What makes you excited about working for Dean Dorton?
Two things: the Dean Dorton team and the opportunity to help expand the firm’s cybersecurity practice. There are many talented individuals here at Dean Dorton, and I look forward to getting to work with them. Also, I think there is ample opportunity to bring meaningful security solutions to organizations of all sizes—it isn’t just large organizations that are hit by cyber threats. In fact, roughly 60% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Spend time with my family. I have three boys and their sports keep me busy year-round (and I would not have it any other way). I also enjoy playing guitar and playing/watching soccer when I do have free time.

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Beyond the technology and the platform capabilities, Dean Dorton’s cybersecurity team reviews and analyzes any testing results and assessments, effectively adding another layer of analysis (and protection) to determine the maturity of your organization’s cybersecurity program and procedures. Dean Dorton then designs, implements, and can help clients maintain their comprehensive line of security program services, tailored to clients’ needs.