A quick Internet search will tell you that importing and exporting data can be a tiresome process that can bog down productivity, company-wide.

When businesses are working with multiple software solutions, often that means having to pull their people from important projects, time and again, to import and export data as new orders and client information travel through the pipeline. The whole tedious process can slow down your sales funnels, reordering schedules, and invoicing processes. It can also take time away from the other proactive tasks that help keep the company targeted on proactive growth. We see it even more during busy seasons or periods of rapid expansion and change.

For businesses to keep up with sales goals, client demands, and the competition, they need real-time data and accurate inventories. They need a system that can populate data between their various software solutions as fast as possible, whether it needs to go into the GL, against their inventory, or submitted for billing.

Finally, what businesses really need is for information to show up without having to pull someone away from other tasks to import it or export it.

Modern businesses using the cloud have a better option when it comes to managing data between cloud software solutions.  Our mConnect data transfer solution is an invisible liaison that bridges the gap between your Intacct and ConnectWise systems to automatically shuttle your most important data effortlessly between systems, to integrate only the data you want and need from ConnectWise to transfer into Intacct.

  • Customize your synchronization options for complete control over your data and how you use it.
  • Fortify your sales department with up-to-date information and sales numbers for reliable forecasting and informed sales strategy decisions.
  • Uplift accounting with more automatic processing with integrations and invoice processing for greater accuracy and improved efficiency.
  • Harness data with real-time visibility on just what you need to support your customers and work seamlessly with vendors.
  • Simplify collections, track invoicing and get invoices up-to-date automatically.
  • Sync inventory from a single location, to access stock counts from the field, with real-time visibility.

Are you ready to give your teams the tool they need to streamline your workday, and the transfer data of between systems? Our team of expert controllers and accountants understand the pains of transferring data to support financials. To uplift teams who are spinning their wheels to get critical information where it belongs, let us show you how mConnect can speed up importing and exporting to kick productivity into high gear.