mConnect: Automating the Sage Intacct and ConnectWise Integration Experience

Managed service providers, or MSP’s, work hard to provide their clients and customers with the best quality work and productive outcomes. As companies work hard to improve their operational functionality to increase efficiency and get the most value out of the company, programs such as those found in Massey Consulting’s Sage Intacct, ConnectWise and mConnect, is the key to keeping both of these goals in sight.

mConnect enables companies to avoid having to manually import or export information between their systems, facilitating an efficient workflow and bringing positive contributions to the company’s bottom line. mConnect bridges the gap between aspects of the business by synchronizing information between ConnectWise and either Sage Intacct or Dynamics GP. This is done in real time, and as a result, higher quality information is delivered at a faster rate.

Fields of application:


When it comes to running accounting integrations on your system, mConnect can facilitate this operation automatically across accounts.
Also, it can capture additional relevant information that can be pertinent to the way you handle your accounting operations. Once an invoice has been verified and paid, mConnect will mark it down and make a note in your records.

Accounts Payable

Making payments and managing invoices is essential for every company and mConnect makes this efficient. With the mConnect customer portal, you can keep all invoices organized and up-to-date and be able to act upon actionable data from these invoices to make smarter acquisition and purchasing decisions. mconnect allows you to track all invoices from a specific point, giving you a better idea of your payments as a whole on a format that can be reviewed quickly resulting in a simplified payment process and much happier vendors.


The sales industry thrives on data, particularly when it comes to correctly handling customer data and quickly providing your sales department with accurate information, which increases the chances of closing deals and bringing in profit. With mConnect, all sales data can be processed and updated at a rapid rate, keeping employees in the sales department cognizant of changes and operations. This is bolstered by the accurate analysis of up-to-date information, as well as processing real-time sales numbers. As a result, mconnect leads to more reliable income forecasting and sales numbers, allowing every department to anticipate their next move more precisely.


The benefits of mConnect for inventory purposes are primarily based on its ability to centralize all data to a single location. In this way, you can measure inventory directly and efficiently. mConnect enables you to create a more accurate outlook of your stock levels without using elaborate estimation methods.

Customer and vendor relationships

In the network that is the business world, most companies are a central point between their vendors and the customers and mConnect makes it more efficient to operate between these two polar opposite groups. The integration of the system is customizable, making interruptions between working with vendors and customers less common.

Along with this reduced friction comes the ability to completely map your fields in the ConnectWise system. This feature gives companies an added amount of agility when working with the customer and vendor relationships. mConnect also gives you the option of integrating only the most essential records of your choice allowing you to take control of your data and use it to improve your business.

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