One thing we know – along with accounting, is that great companies stay great by putting their customers first. This is on our list of top success priorities, and it’s a big part of what drives us to do what we do, and how we do it.

By putting our customers first, we learn all about their unique needs. This helps us figure out what products and services will offer the most help for them now, and in the future.

Our goal is to build close relationships with our customers, and stick with them as they grow, to see their company succeed every step of the way. That means we need to offer products that are a great solution for our customers now, and as much as in the future.

We’re Listening

Sure, we are “numbers” people – it’s what we do.  It’s the reason we can expertly help growing businesses without them missing a beat – or a winning goal like we did with the Carolina Hurricanes. But we’re also really good at putting our listening ears on – and leaving them on.

Staying in tune with our customers matters because it means we can offer custom solutions for their unique issues. We’ll help find solutions that streamline financial processes that can scale, to handle new growth challenges in the future.

Staying in tune with customers helps us create solutions that pave the road to their future success.  That’s how we developed our own unique integration product, MConnect, to make our customers’ software solution integrations even better.

We Deliver Long-Range Solutions

We put our customers first by offering a range of products and options that meet their unique needs.

When we met up with Legacy Healthcare, they had trouble moving beyond their current software arrangement. With multiple locations and services, they were building up to 300 different reports a month.  They needed a solution to simplify their complex reporting needs, while also offering flexibility to scale with their rapid growth.

Our financial management expertise comes from working with many other multi-location businesses with growth challenges. By knowing the industry-specific issues, we could show Legacy how Sage Intacct – a best-in-class financial management solution, simplifies and automates their complex reporting setup.

Sage Intacct’s cloud-based solutions boost accuracy and offer the flexibility to streamline month-end closings, while also breathing life into your unique success metrics.

Jay Huffman, Legacy CFO, talks about his experience with us:

“Upon taking my position at Legacy…I had a lunch with Philip Massey and Jim Stubanas… I felt completely at ease with the consulting firm choice afterward and looked to them for advice on moving to a new ERP system.”

Whether you’re a change-making organization like UAB Educational Foundation, or a franchise managing complex reporting with multiple locations, we want to know you!

Let’s connect! We will show you the love by tuning into your company’s unique needs to help drive productivity, boost accuracy, and streamline systems to fit your growing business.