Have you been looking for quick Cloud Bytes on Intacct? Have you been looking for what is new on the horizon for Massey Consulting? Would you like a refresher on Cloud Accounting but do not have extra consulting hours in the budget?

In 2017, Massey Consulting is revitalizing their “Cloud Byte” sessions – producing one every month! These sessions have previously covered topics such as Intacct Releases, Financial Statements, Dimensional Driven Financial Statements, and more. They are a great chance to learn and grow your understanding of the benefits of cloud accounting and how Intacct operates.

Why Cloud Bytes?

Cloud Bytes are a great way to learn about cloud accounting from your desk. They are monthly sessions that are an hour or shorter jam packed with information on a vast variety of topics. Every session will be targeted to ensure that all attendees take something back to their teams to use. Cloud Bytes will also be interactive; therefore, you will be able to ask questions and get feedback from our top consultants and owner! Massey Consulting has released the first four Cloud Byte topics, which are as follows:

January – Dashboard Strategies

February – Credit Card Practicalities

March -Going Paperless!

April – Bank Reconciliation Can Be Fun!

When do they Occur?

Cloud Bytes will be hosted on the third Thursday of each month at 2 pm Eastern time. Pre-register for any Cloud Byte session using the links above to get reminders as well as place them into your calendars. If you miss a session, they will be posted within the following week on Massey Consulting’s YouTube channel. This will also be helpful for those that did attend or would like to look over the information again.

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