In the first installment of “GP Is So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It,” I am excited to talk about a little known feature of the Analytical Accounting module called the Alias! No, I am not talking about the science fiction show – although I was a big fan! I am referring to the ability to setup alias codes in Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting to make data entry SO much easier! And, it’s required for the copy/paste from Excel GL entry function if you want to use Analytical Accounting.

Analytical Accounting, for those not familiar, is a module in Dynamics GP that allows an organization to add dimensional tags to their accounting transactions. Dimensional tags, you say? Consider this scenario… Your company president has decreed that all marketing dollars spent should be tracked back to the appropriate shows or activities. Oh no! Now you have to setup a segment for each event and vastly expand your chart of accounts!! But No! Analytical accounting will let you setup “codes” that you can use to further define your one advertising expense account by convention, dimensional mailer, etc. What a HANDY FEATURE!!

But wait! There’s more!!

Now is where the “Alias” feature comes in. Let’s say you need to not only track what convention you were marketing for, but which product line, what state, what year and who attended the convention. No problem!! Setup codes groups for each of those “functions” and create the needed codes (people, events, states, years, etc.). Once you have all of that created, you can then create and alias that COMBINES the correct values for convention, product, state, year and attendee, so that you only enter ONE code and all the correct values take their places!

But, how does all this help me?!?

During transaction entry – in this case Payables Transaction Entry shown here – a user can click on the “AA” button (highlighted in green) to open the Analytical Payables Transaction Entry window.

Once the Analytical Payables Transaction Entry window opens, users can then take populate the alias code (highlighted in yellow) and watch as multiple analytical accounting transaction dimension codes (highlighted in green) show up at one time!  Users won’t have to make multiple clicks and select multiple codes just to accomplish their tasks!

That’s it! 

Using Alias Codes in Analytical Accounting for Dynamics GP makes your life – your accounting life – so much easier and more efficient.

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But I have a LOT of Alias codes to create!

Don’t panic!  Check our next blog post, coming soon, to find out how EASY it is to import those alias codes in just a matter of minutes!