We are releasing the Round 2 US Payroll Tax Update, there are a couple states that require code change with it, see noted below, otherwise just a table update.

  • Arkansas – code change required with table
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island – code change required with table
  • Vermont

In the code drop, January Hotfix, (which will be translated for French and Spanish) has the following items included based on version. This is an all-inclusive update so it will include year end.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

  • Canadian Payroll ROE window not functional, missing buttons after you install the year end update.
  • Arkansas and Rhode Island code changes for taxes

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

  • Arkansas and Rhode Island code changes for taxes
  • ACA changes

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

  • Arkansas and Rhode Island code changes for taxes
  • A new tax engine so taxes will install/work on GP 2015
  • All the US Payroll and Canadian Payroll year end changes and tax update changes will be included
  • ACA changes

With all of you starting to use ACA, we of course have a couple of issues.  🙂

Here are the 4 we are addressing in the January Hotfix and most critical.

  1. ACA – Benefit information is over-written in the UPR00905 table causing data issue with multiple benefit codes.
  2. ACA codes are defaulting in on ALL Benefits – causing data issues line 14 and 16, meaning all need to be reset to None
  3. The 2 new fields for the ACA are set wrong when records are created during Reconcile HR process
  4. ACA – You cannot mark or change coverage on Dependent self

The UPR00905 which was a new table in year end is tracking all our changes to our benefit codes by date.
select OfferOfCoverageCode, SafeHarborCode,* from upr00905

The problem we are having is when designed the Benefit column was NOT put in that table from the HR existing table BE010130
select Benefit, OfferOfCoverageCode, SafeHarborCode, * from be010130

Not really thinking that employee Terry would have 3 codes, or some are splitting out Dental and Vision now.  Some have ACA codes, some not and now we are “over-writing” records of covered and not.

Thus we have decided to put the Benefit column in the table…this also raises concern for existing customers that now have data in this table from year end, which Benefit code do we attach to data????

During Utilities we will look to the BE010130 see if we have an ACA code that matches to the UPR00905 table and then put that code in place, we may also create new records in there, we will see how this goes.  Worse case now that the “code” is in there, we can clean up data easier by code and filter out items just as None by code as well and delete as necessary.

The thought is, it is better to have more tracking data than not. Remember if you have a Benefit that is not ACA, just put None in field 14 and 16

Next, bug 82676, this is another big one….what we will do here, is the dependent window will never open up for self, which I think is OK, based on below.

We are going to start to read Covered and Not Covered for Self, based on the ACA code on the benefit.  Right now that is covered all the time, but if there is no ACA code listed on a benefit, it will be not covered.

Really this dependent window for self, is not “reportable” or needed as the benefit code on the form will handle self by month, it is the actual dependents we need right for tracking to the form at year end.

The other bugs, were about the codes were defaulting in when they should be None so we are fixing that too.

Again, this is all new to us and we are trying to learn it and supply with tracking so year end will go well.  Also remember this is all based on GP User Date, which is nice, so you can back track your changes, by changing the user date.

I hope to release this the week of January 26, we will be blogging of these updates and changes in each update so you are aware of what has released and changes with ACA.

There is also plans for a March Hotfix that will include what 941 changes there will be along with more ACA form work in this update.