Scribe is a flexible integration software that allows you to build complex integrations between business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce and ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV or Intacct. Scribe sets itself apart from other integration software by providing a user interface, comprehensive error reporting and resolution tools, the ability to schedule integrations and the flexibility to easily manipulate data.

To easily build integrations to ERP programs like Dynamics GP, Scribe provides adapters that use eConnect. These adapters allow users to encapsulate the business rules of Dynamics GP so that the integration follows the same logic found within Dynamics GP. The Scribe Adapter for Dynamics GP provides one time, batch, real time and two-way data migration and integration capabilities. Scribe also provides you with the ability to build integrations with a variety of data sources including csv, txt, xml and SQL.

Scribe integrations typically run much faster than integrations using other comparable software. We have a customer who imports over 25,000 invoices a month from multiple EDI providers. Each EDI provider provides the import data in a different format (txt, csv, xml, SQL). The customer had previously been using another integration software and as the number of invoices that they were trying to import increased they found that Integration Manager couldn’t keep up. It was taking 10 plus hours a day to import the invoices. After switching to Scribe they were able to cut the invoice integration time down to around 1 hour a day. This allowed them to run additional integrations that would not have been possible using other software. For example they now run a cash receipts integration that takes the data from an Excel file and imports it into a SQL table for easier reporting before importing the approximately 28,000 lines of data into Dynamics GP. After the data is in Dynamics GP, it then writes back to SQL to mark the data as imported. This whole process runs in less than 20 minutes.

Scribe does require some knowledge to build the integrations, but most customers find that once the integrations are built they are easy to maintain. Massey personnel can provide training that ranges from in-depth training so that users can build their own integrations to basic training for users who just want to do general maintenance and troubleshooting. Contact us to get more information on Scribe and how it can make your life easier.