With the latest quarterly release of Intacct – 2017 Release 1 – Intacct has consolidated all of their various portals into one convenient site.  Formerly, users were required to log into separate sites to connect to the Training Center, Developer, Support, and Community portals.  Users can now access all of these sites via the Help Center.

Located at the top, right corner of the main Intacct screen, the new Help Center provides a new graphical interface to the following areas from one page:

  • System-wide searches
  • Fly-out Help menu to module-specific help
  • Community
  • Training and education
  • Support
  • Checks & supplies
  • Release Notes
  • Intacct Developer site

With the new system-wide Search capability, users can search on a specific topic and access all of the online content from one screen.

The new fly-out Help menu, located at the top right corner of the Help page (look for the three horizontal bars!) allows users to access module-specific help. Within each module, an additional fly-out menu lists all of the features and screens, including access to self-paced training videos!

In the Community, users have access to a variety of resources to better utilize Intacct:

  • Using “Connect”, they can post questions to on-line discussions, as well as share their experiences and solutions.
  • The “Get Answers” area focuses on module-specific help to common questions.
  • The Community provides a link to post ideas for product improvements, as well as vote on submissions.
  • In the Library section, the users will find knowledgebase articles, PowerPoint presentations, rand other documentation to help users become knowledgeable of the Intacct product.
  • Support connects the users to the Support site, where they can submit support requests, check on their existing support tickets, and access knowledgebase articles.

The Training section connects you to the Intacct Learning Center.  Here users can watch free, on-demand training videos that cover new release features, administration for the Intacct system, and module-specific training sessions via the Web.  For in-depth training, users can sign up for fee-based training sessions available on-line and at many major metro locations.  Note that many of the fee-based classes qualify for CPE credit.

Using the Checks & supplies link, users can order Intacct certified checks, business and tax forms, MICR printer cartridges, and other accounting supplies.  All the checks & business forms are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with Intacct.

Release Notes – get all of the details about Intacct quarterly updates!

Developer site provides access to the Developer portal, which is a separate site, but access free to all users.  Here users can learn all about interacting with Intacct’s API and the development community.