Intacct 2016 Release 1 – New Enhancements to the Solution

We are very excited about the Intacct 2016 Release 1 – we think you will be as well. There are a number of features, some of which we’ve listed below. The best way to ensure that you understand all the new features is to join us for a one hour webinar where will discuss the new features:
Intacct 2016 Release 1 Training (Free)
February 25, 2016, 2:00 PM ET
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There are a number of new enhancements to Intacct Financial Accounting solution.
Intacct Collaborate
One of the Intacct enhancements we’ve been looking forward to is ‘Collaborate!’ – and it is now available. Intacct Collaborate is a new feature that uses Salesforce Chatter and allows users to interact and collaborate on individual transactions or records without needing to leave your Intacct session. Think of it this way: Intacct integrates with an existing Salesforce instance and connects sales and finance teams. This results in speedier approvals, problem resolution, and the ability to better respond to new trends.
Benefits of Using Intacct Collaborate

  • Eliminates back-and-forth emails about transactions
  • Operates with an existing Salesforce instance or with Intacct alone
  • Gives users the complete picture as they converse with in-text communication
  • Captures dialogue and decisions for later reference in the system of record
  • And much more 

Intacct Collaborate Training (Free)
April 21, 2016, 2:00 PM ET
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Other Intacct 2016 Release 1 enhancements:


  • External authorizations and external users – separated at last
  • Increased security with longer, more complex passwords
  • Browser version support

Project Accounting

  • Find missing time sheets within a specific period
  • Enhanced billing insight: Preview your invoice total before you bill
  • Workflow and global management
  • Create transactions at the top level, entity level, or both
  • Reduce transaction definition maintenance with entity document templates
  • Use unique entity numbering and/or global numbering on transactions
  • Automatic inter-entity funds transfer with different currencies

Insight enhancements

  • Graph design made easy: what you see is what you get
  • With Waterfall charts, change is easy to understand
  • Let Intacct do the work: automate metric counts for better insight

Ease of use, customer driven

  • Quick insights into days aging in transactions and aging reports
  • See the date criteria you used for filtering key AP and AR reports
  • Reconcile using auto-matching that works for you
  • AP/AR draft transactions – feel the power
  • How did I pay that bill?

You have selected the very best financial accounting solution on the market. You have invested in a very powerful tool. We want to make sure that you are using Intacct to its fullest. Be sure to visit our calendar page frequently to see the free training sessions available to you.