Our Intacct customers look forward to the quarter updates because they deliver enhancements that add real value, for greater efficiency and productivity. This release is no different.

In the first quarter update, Intacct users can enjoy 19 new updates that include enhancements to GL class entry controls, purchase order and project management approvals, billing and expense adjustment options, and big software rewrites for Salesforce.com users.

The updates mean more options for Intacct users, including:

  • More streamlined data security and communications
  • More tailored financials reporting and audit trails
  • More accurate general ledger information
  • More project management and sales controls

Customizable Security

Because unusual security situations come up that can threaten your business continuity, Intacct has built new features to ensure you can reach your customers, and manage your protected data, even in less-than-ideal conditions.

  • The sign-on process now provides the option for 1 or 2-step verify to ensure uninterrupted Intacct access, even if your team’s server shuts down.
  • When businesses share data outside their secure systems, there’s always a risk for a compromise in data security. One of the new Company Setup module features allows you to build a custom whitelist of other Intacct-enabled businesses and clients, to communicate and share information directly in Intacct, helping to significantly reduce that risk.
  • Transactions now can be imported and modified through data entry screens, rather than from the Company Setup screen. This new control keeps company data locked tight, maintaining restricted access to only authorized users.  

Reporting and Audit Trail Transparency

Preparing for audits can be time-consuming, stressful and intense – especially when data goes through changes that companies need to show during audit times.

With expanded audit logging options, Intacct customers can log historical changes with their data that auditors can easily see and track, right in the entry.

GL Budget Classifications

New task classification and data adjustment options have been added to enhance the value of the information in the general ledger. Now users can categorize tasks at the project level in the Project Management module to more accurately sort at the GL level.

Contract Billing Integration for Salesforce.com

All Salesforce.com users on both old and new platforms will want to hear this:

In response to the new Lightning platform in Salesforce.com, Intacct has rewritten the entire interface to conform, and have 2-way visibility both in Salesforce and Intacct alike.

This rewrite benefits the new Lightning users, as well as users running the previous version of Salesforce.com. The change enhances the Salesforce.com and Intacct experience and offers real-time contract billing status updates to expedite new business setups and contract initiations.

Clients Asked, Intacct Answered

End users are often the most knowledgeable experts on reporting a system’s effectiveness, and many Intacct improvements come directly from your comments and suggestions.

In this update, Intacct addressed two key areas based on user suggestions, to make Intacct work better for you:

  • Improved Report Appearances: A new reporting option allows users to hide the reporting filters that appear on printed reports, making reports easier to read, more attractive, and more impactful for sharing.
  • Inventory Module Improvements: Inventory and invoicing issues related to on-hand quantity recording and negative number reporting have been addressed for greater inventory, billing, and ordering accuracy.

Watch our webinar to get all the details on these and the many other updates for your team, from Intacct’s first quarter release.