Intacct Release 2 2017 offers time-saving new modifications – from auditing to admin, we’re confident your teams will find value and benefit from more automation and options in auditing, project management, reporting and spend management, to name a few.

Audit Trails

In this release, the focus is on detailing for your team’s audit trails to save time and reduce errors. Now, every detail entered is automatically logged, no matter what the import type. So, whether the details come from API, are populated from CSV imports or exports, are system-triggered, or are entered by your users, Intacct tracks them to provide the detailing and history you need for your decision-making and for your auditing confidence going forward.

Purchasing Delegation

New purchasing approval control enhancements and flexibility means your teams can delegate the approval process temporarily to other team members to keep your purchasing projects on-schedule, regardless of your teams’ schedules. Another new time-saving purchasing feature allows for progressive values to build as items are passed along through the approval process.  

Inventory Transfers Simplified

With Intacct’s newest update, users see greater efficiency in the inventory transfer process. Now inventory transfers from warehouse to warehouse within an entity can be done in one easy step.

Now, when users move inventory throughout an entity’s different locations, Intacct automatically generates a transfer out, then automatically generates a transfer in, to document the action, then updates quantities on hand, along with costs, and posts to the data directly to the GL, all based on transfer out and in definitions entered into one screen, to complete the entire transfer process in one easy step for the user.

Project Management

Project-based companies will enjoy more options to automate and customize actions for tasks, recurring schedules, and project dates, and will see more automated definitions in billing rates. Now assignment dates and details can be set to automatically start and terminate, for team employees who are engaging in temporary projects and assignments.

Project teams also can enjoy the option to shift assignment dates, task dates and resource assignments on the project level for faster resource scheduling and greater project management control.

Finally, teams can allow their standard billing rate to determine the billing amount. The new feature automatically will define an OE base price, if no billing rate is defined.

Dashboard Reporting Efficiency

Just when you thought your dashboard couldn’t get any better, Intacct’s improved it. Now from your dashboard, you can create custom reports to run directly there, to generate the exact data you need, right when you need it, from the very screen you most depend on for your key metrics. Need a report that has never been run before? Now you can do it with just a few clicks.

Spend Management

Budgeting will be excited to hear that your teams can prevent purchase requisitions from being approved in situations where no reporting period exists for that purchase, or where the budget does not have a matching dimension, like Department or Location, for more budgeting accuracy, less adjusting later, and more streamlining in the spending process.

Included in the update are new Salesforce integrations, emailing capabilities for using company email in Intacct, and as users requested, access to the user-level-ready Action UI in its beta phase. Be sure to check out your billboard for the full update list, or reach out to us to find out more about Intacct’s new developments.

If you’re new to Intacct as a best-in-class ERP cloud accounting solution, our team of accountants and controllers specialize in supporting rapidly growing businesses and their success goals. With Intacct’s 2017 Release 2 update, now is a great time to discover what Intacct’s cloud accounting can do for financials, your teams and your time.