By now, your business may already appreciate a lot of the benefits that come with Intacct’s best-in-class cloud solutions. But did you also know that their experts go the extra mile to meet their customers face-to-face?

We’re talking about the Intacct’s Regional Customer Meetups – yet another great benefit we get from Intacct.

More Than Just a Free Lunch

In the Intacct meetups, both recently joining businesses and veteran Intacct customers always walk away with more than just a free lunch. They meet other Intacct users in both diverse and common industries that bring fresh solutions and unique perspectives to the table on a common product.  

People that come to these events find they love the exchange and collaboration that happens.

“You will find answers here.”

Spark a Conversation

When Intacct users come to the meetups bringing their questions and goals, they uncover brand new avenues of usage they never dreamed possible.

Attendees report that each event offers a goldmine of resources just from talking with other Intacct customers about their best practices and experiences. They leave having made new friends and great networking contacts, all while expanding their Intacct knowledge.

These exchanges are uniquely beneficial events for everyone involved.

Tap into Intacct Expert Brains

Intacct representatives host these events to offer guidance, answer questions and provide insight into the software that enhances its value for their guests.

Participants can learn about partnerships, untapped resources, unique tips and tricks to save time and effort, and technology advancements that fit your unique metrics. All from just attending a session.

Many Intacct users come with expectations about what they will get out of the event, and leave pleasantly surprised by the benefits surpassing their expectations.

Fire Up Your Financial Team

Intacct users come to the meetups in groups because these events are excellent learning experiences for all users on every level – not just administrators.

Education is never a wasted endeavor and when you bring your team members to these sessions, the energy behind the meetups helps to ignite enthusiasm and drive in your team to get the most out of Intacct software.

What Intacct Meetup Guests Say…

“It’s a great way to network and learn what’s going on without having to travel out of town!”


“If you spend the day and you learn two things that make your job easier or better – totally worth it…”

“Definitely go!”