You already know Intacct is the best-in-class cloud ERP solution. But do you also know that …

Intacct is the AICPA preferred provider of financial applications.
Intacct is the #1 accounting software in customer satisfaction.
More than 11,000 companies manage their finances with Intacct.
Intacct connects with the business solutions you are already using.

You may already know ADP, the HR and payroll provider that many companies in America and around the world use as their human capital management (HCM) solution. But, do you also know that…

ADP is the largest provider of HR services in North America (1)
ADP offers recruit-to-hire services and solutions including basic payroll, benefits, record keeping, talent management, compensation, succession planning and data analytics (1)
ADP helps companies of all sizes, from small to multinational, build and keep the team they need to succeed
As of September 2016, one in six U.S. workers were paid through ADP (1)

So it’s no surprise that Intacct and ADP—the two best-in-class cloud software providers—joined efforts and integrated their ERP and HCM solutions to empower midsized companies to streamline their back-office processes.

Real-time integration

The partnership of Intacct with ADP integrates the Intacct ERP with ADP Workforce Now®, a comprehensive human capital management (HCM) suite. This real-time integration between Intacct and ADP includes:

Employee integration. New hire information and employee updates entered in ADP Workforce Now® are automatically copied to Intacct. This reduces time spent on data-entry and ensures data accuracy so your employees feel valued and your HR team is more productive.

General ledger integration. With a couple of clicks you create your payroll GL journal entry in ADP Workforce Now® and send it to Intacct. This simplifies processes with NO manual uploads, resulting in increased staff productivity, improved data accuracy, and immediate access to important financial data. Now your finance and HR teams can focus on more strategic goals.

Benefits of the integration

When your ERP and HCM don’t “talk” to each other, your processes slow down due to the amount of manual data entry. The data is not always accurate due to the high probability of keying errors. The finance team spends hours keying information into the accounting system that is already in the HCM system. And the HR team spends time producing data and reports for finance.

As a result your HR and finance team spend time on non-value added tasks instead of working on strategic tasks that increase employee satisfaction and help the company grow.

With the Intacct and ADP integration you can focus on your people and support your business objectives while reducing administrative chores and compliance challenges.

The integration also gives finance an accurate picture of the company’s labor costs including:

Total and average hourly cost by department or location or any other dimension relevant to the company.
Overtime hours and dollar amounts by day, by week or any other period of interest.
Current headcount by department or location.
Key metrics that compare headcount, personnel costs and profitability by department, product brand, store, geographical area, etc.

Contact us so we can help your HR and finance teams spend less time on manual administrative tasks and more time on helping the business grow.