Distilleries and
Craft Brewers

Distillery and Craft Brewery Accounting

When it comes to craft brewery accounting, tax, and business related matters, possessing a deep knowledge of the craft beer industry is necessary to help build your craft beer brand.

As a craft brewery starting to produce or looking to grow, your underlying capital costs just to get started are significant. Going from brewing your first batch in your basement to selling 1,000 barrels a year are very different things — not to mention your long-term goals which may include national or international distribution, subject to complicated tax code. The breadth and depth of our skilled tax and accounting professionals makes achieving your dream more efficient, effective, and allows you to focus on the basics — brewing your beer.

Distillery and Craft Brewery Accounting Services

In addition to our core tax services, Dean Dorton provides comprehensive accounting services such as cash flow management and technology consulting. We specialize in providing unique service offerings that are customized to meet the specialized needs of breweries, both small and large. As you work closely with our advisors, we will help you achieve greater efficiencies in your business operations that allow you to focus on brewing remarkable craft beers and expanding your business.

Distillery and Craft Brewery Team

Whether you are looking to accelerate the establishment of your brewery or realize cost savings through an analysis of tax efficiency of a current plan, Dean Dorton can provide you with complete service solutions. We work closely with your banker, insurance agent, attorney, and any other advisors to ensure a holistic approach, ultimately benefiting you and your business.

Having a slew of new information at your fingertips doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t using it right. Dean Dorton’s team can help you analyze your beer costs (both raw ingredient and total beer costs) and your bottom line to make sure you are hitting your targets, so you can perfect your pricing strategies in order to be sustainable for years to come.