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A federal judge has reinstated the revised EEO-1 pay-data reporting provisions, which were suspended in 2017. The controversial provisions required covered employers to report pay information by race, ethnicity and sex. At this time, the mandate’s effect date is not clear. This year’s filing deadline is quickly approaching. So, employers need to be aware that the ruling could take immediate effect and require them to report data on W-2 wages and hours worked for all employees who were part of the workforce in 2018. The reinstatement may be appealed so nothing is guaranteed. Employers may want to consider reviewing internal reporting systems to ensure they can produce the pay data they may be required to provide. But, we do not recommend employers begin collecting data until there is clarification on the court’s order and next steps.
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Overtime Exemption Salary Threshold

The Department of Labor has proposed an increase in the salary-level threshold for white-collar exemptions to $35,308 per year from $23,660. This could result in the need for employers to review FLSA guidelines, potential reclassification and increased pay. We are not recommending employers take action at this time. This proposal is the first step in a lengthy process. But, employers need to be aware that this action is once again being considered.