With around 3,500 people, including everyone from the Sage Intacct community, marketplace partners, VAR partners, customers, and prospective customers, this was the largest group in attendance in Advantage history!

Taking place at the Opryland Gaylord Convention Center, the Sage Intacct conference was filled with sessions regarding marketing and sales, the Sage Intacct product roadmap, AI, Release 4, implementation processes, and more.

We’re here to highlight some of the main topics that were mentioned over the course of 5 days.

What’s to Come in the Future with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct’s financial management is continuously and innovatively evolving with new updates, enhancements, and valuable add-ons. The Sage Intacct Product Roadmap session emphasized that in 2019, Sage Intacct plans to add:

  • Deep cross-industry business processes
  • Global expansion and scale
  • Accelerated time to value
  • A complex infrastructure designed for growth

Budgeting and Planning

We know that many organizations spend time budgeting and forecasting in spreadsheets and Excel. The issues that come with this error-prone process include version control issues and having multiple versions of data, along with massive files that lead to crashed PCs.

Sage Intacct recently announced the launch of its Budgeting and Planning solution.

The Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning solution provides a collaborative environment that streamlines and improves the planning process. Using spreadsheets and emails for all your business budgets and plans? Users can now eliminate the use of these and gain back time to focus on their business.

With the Budgeting and Planning solution, you can expect to:

  • Improve organizational alignment and reduce wasted resources
  • Automate the planning process and minimize the time spent on plan management
  • Increase business security
  • Deploy and use quickly and efficiently

Get More Details on Budgeting and Planning

Dynamic Allocations

Streamline Complex Close Processes with Confidence

Like most close-related activities, allocations can be arduous, time-consuming, and error-prone, but also vital to understanding organizational performance. Without allocations, organizations have limited visibility into the full cost of programs, and project-based businesses struggle to understand profitability.

Sage Intacct Dynamic Allocations empowers organizations to:

  • Streamline the close process with confidence, enabling them to more efficiently and accurately represent the financial performance of products, projects, departments, and business processes through the allocation of indirect revenue and costs.
  • Save time, reduce errors, and streamline audits, increasing transparency into organization performance and eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Set up sophisticated allocations once and then dynamically generating future allocations with the press of a button.

This new feature will be included in November’s Release 4 and will ensure consistent, automated processing to reduce errors, streamline audits, and drive significant time savings.

Custom Report Writer 

Improve Operational Insight with Sage Intacct’s New Interactive Custom Report Writer

During Advantage, Sage Intacct introduced its new  Interactive Custom Report Writer, a modern, visual reporting tool built to increase the flexibility and agility required to improve business insights and day-to-day operations.
The new module will enable users to:

  • Build custom reports quickly and easily using a hierarchical field section and new drag-and-drop functionality for early report creation
  • Have rich interactivity, enabling users to pivot, filter, sort, and expand data to answer specific business questions
  • Use powerful calculation abilities by implementing rolling sums and aggregations
  • Utilize the conditional formatting and color selection to draw attention to the most important data and trends to improve report usability.

New Action User Interface 

While using Sage Intacct throughout the year, you may have noticed an “Enable Beta UI” link in the upper right of your screen. Some of you may have already clicked this link, but what does this mean?

The Beta UI is a generic term given to Sage Intacct’s upcoming Action UI. The new Action UI was originially suppose to come out in an earlier 2018 release, but has gotten pushed back to the February 2010 release.

Sage Intacct has been beta testing the interface for most of this year and is in its final stages of testing. After the February 2019 quarterly update, all Sage Intacct users will be moved to the Action UI, which changes the Sage Intacct’s menus, layouts, and some personal preferences.

IMPORTANT: We are highly encouraging all of your organization’s Sage Intacct users to become familiar with the Action UI because once the new release rolls around, the old interface will become retired and the only option will be to use the new Action UI.

Massey Consulting will hold a webinar soon to dive deeper into the new Action UI and what to expect.

Community Resources 

Massey Consulting and Sage Intacct cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use the Sage Intacct Community as a daily resource for you and your organization.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your Community Username differs from your Sage Intacct instance login. If you are having trouble logging in to the community, please contact us and we can help you get set up.
  • In the Library Section of the Community, users have access to webinars, Powerpoint slides, Release notes, etc.
  • In the Learning Center, there are instructor-led training courses should you need to dive deeper into certain topics
  • You can also post ideas and questions in the forum on the homepage and get answers from your fellow Sage Intacct users.

Mel Robbins and the 5 Second Rule 

All attendees had the pleasure of hearing the famous Mel Robbins speak on stage, the inventor of the 5 Second Rule.

The 5 Second Rule is a tool for hyper-intentionality, action, and identifying moments in your life where there is tremendous opportunity and joy and pushing yourself to “just do it”.

Read about the whole concept HERE for some daily motivation and inspiration.

Customer Showcase 

We had a blast on the General Jackson Showboat with all of our customers. This year, Massey had 15 of our great customers in attendance and we hope everyone enjoyed the conference.

A big and well-deserved congratulations to Local Government Federal Credit Union and K4Connect, two of Massey’s customers, for winning the Sage Intacct Customer Success Awards.

These awards are given to companies who have scaled with Sage Intacct and are equipped with hard-working and innovative individuals making a difference for their organization’s financial health.

What’s Next?

You can already mark your calendar’s for next year’s Advantage Conference- something you won’t want to miss. It will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 21-25.

If you have any questions about the information in this post, please contact us.