When your team is scattered all over the globe securing new business and pushing data, you can’t afford for systems to be down during crunch-time, or worse, to experience a data breach.

Your team, especially when providing a service, has to answer to your client with confidence that their data is safe in your hands. One weak link in the cloud security chain can damage client trust, your reputation, and your business. Intacct knows this, and it’s the reason their best-in-class cloud ERP solution puts your security first.

Applications Designed for Rapid Growth and Data Control

Because service-based businesses often experience rapid growth, they heavily rely on their applications’ security to be up-to-date and reliable. Also, more hands are often simultaneously using their systems.  Lots of data going in and out, sent by many different people can open the door for security instability.

Throw in the mix that your team members may travel, or may be rooted in multiple cities or locations, with varying secure connections, and working from multiple devices. With so much activity and diversity, you need security expertise on your side.  

Intacct cloud security is designed for strengthened security with:

  • Two-step user verifications and enforced password changes, so your data won’t slip into the wrong hands.
  • Granular levels of access control, so only qualified people are the ones making changes in your system.
  • Tight log-in parameters with customizable IP ranges. You decide how far your data will go.

Systems Fortified with Layered Protection

As a service-based business, if you have an IT department, it’s probably highly-specialized, or streamlined for efficiency. Their expertise often means supporting your expertise by working closely with clients. So these teams don’t always have the time or resources to stay on top of the latest security developments.

Applications with multi-faceted reinforcements that protect complex reporting and multi-layered protections fit well with these businesses. Security-focused financial solutions, like Intacct, can fortify against unauthorized users, programs and malevolent systems that can jeopardize your information integrity with:

  • PCI DSS Level 1 certification and 16 SOC1 Type II audited, to protect complex financial reporting, and cardholder information unique to rapid growth and services-based businesses.
  • Biometric access, minimum 128-bit encryption, hardened networks and firewalls, and virus-resistant software.

Airtight Physical, Network and Data Systems

Your business is built on trust. When your clients ask you about how strong your secure your systems are, you need to feel confident that you can walk your talk. The protection you offer is part of your business, so financial data needs to be protected during disaster or failure situations – and if you are not so sure of your safety, your clients won’t be either.

Powerfully constructed cloud systems mean 99.8% guaranteed uptime. Intacct offers airtight systems structure with:

  • Redundant power supplies, generators, network components, and standby servers.
  • 24/7/365 monitored Fortune 100-class data centers.
  • Built on Oracle infrastructure with multiple fiber trunks and mirrored RAID storage.

Secure Cloud-Based Accounting Software Has Your Back

When your cloud-based accounting software takes on the burden of security, it means your budget and your teams are free to do more, without worrying about compromised data, hacked systems, or data loss.

Adequately protecting your business with the right cloud-based reporting, means you can have:

  • Specialized teams are free to stay client-focused.
  • Consistent system reliability.
  • Significant costs savings otherwise spent on data safety, maintenance and upkeep.

Secure the Win          

For airtight protection for your financials reporting, secure the win with the right application for your service.  Contact us so we can use our expertise to free you to focus on your business.