In the past few days, I’ve had two separate occasions where I’ve needed to introduce Dynamics GP clients to the Receivables Management Transaction Unapply Tool that is part of the Professional Services Tool Library (PSTL).  In years past the PSTL had to be purchased but now Microsoft offers it for FREE!  In addition to installing and configuring the PSTL, you will also need to grant security access to the Receivables Transaction Unapply tool.  However, once it is installed you will likely find other tools in the PSTL that you can use.

The first call I had this week was from a client who had a Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) check that needed to be voided.  With the Receivables Management Transaction Unapply Tool, the customer was able to move the NSF check from History to Open.  The customer was then able to go to Transaction>Sales>Posted Transactions and select the payment.  They then selected NSF and entered the NSF charge amount before selecting OK and processing the transaction.  This process allowed them to easily void the payment and enter the NSF fee.

The second call I had was from a client who realized after they ran paid transaction removal that a payment was applied to the wrong invoice.  The customer went to the posted transactions window to correct this but because paid transaction removal had been run they couldn’t access the transaction.  The RM Transaction Unapply tool allowed them to unapply the payment which in turn changed the status of the invoice and payment from History to Open.  Once the payment went back to Open they were then able to apply it to the correct invoice.

This tool like most tools in the PSTL is easy to use and a great alternative to manually entering a bunch of correcting entries.  Please reach out to the Massey Consulting support team if you have any questions regarding the PSTL.