Finding software that will work best for your company’s financials can be overwhelming. Choose the right solution, and your teams will thrive, feeling supported. Choose the wrong one and your teams may forever feel like they are working against the grain.  

At first, a choice between Microsoft Dynamics and Sage Intacct may not be so clear. Between two leading software solutions in the industry, how do you choose?

As experts in right-fitting software options for growing companies, we can often see some tell-tale signs that a company has outgrown their current systems:

  • Invoicing takes more time to complete.
  • Productivity bottlenecks where systems buckle under a growing workload.
  • Decision-makers have to wait longer for reports, or can’t get the metrics they need to make timely decisions.
  • Teams spend too much time on duplicate manual entry to transfer critical data into disconnected systems.
  • Accounting and sales rely more and more on spreadsheets and workarounds for their information.

When companies see these growing risks in their business, they need a solution that will address them.

These companies need the cloud.

THE CLOUD PROPELS PRODUCTIVITY: Data automatically updates in cloud-based systems. Teams can handle a bigger workload because more of their tasks are automated. Data re-entering disappears. Importing and exporting vanishes. Processes are more streamlined through automation. No on-the-fly reports to run. Everyone gets current data, wherever and whenever they need it.

THE CLOUD FOSTERS CONNECTION AND COLLABORATION: Cloud-driven systems often integrate well with other cloud-based solutions. Teams connect through the cloud to get quick answers from other team members and clients. Deals close faster. More happens in less time.

THE CLOUD REDUCES COSTS: Systems in the cloud often send updates and boost security automatically through the cloud. Your business can focus on your expertise, and reduce costs spent on someone else handling your IT and security.

For fast-growing companies, systems flexibility is key. These companies need a solution that will grow with them, to accommodate the product and service changes they will experience over time.


Microsoft Dynamics GP’s on-premises software system may fit your company now, but an on-premises software like this requires manual updates, and supplemental add-ons just to keep up with growth. If your company plans to grow and change over time, you should expect that it will outgrow this software too.

Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud accounting solution, provides the flexibility that growing companies need:

  • Accounting teams can close books faster with flexible reporting options designed for compliance.
  • Teams can collaborate under one roof, or on the other side of the world, any time of day, on multiple devices with the same high-level of security.
  • Stakeholders and decision-makers get real-time visibility into their business metrics, to build strategies based on real data and to-the-minute product and service success.

“After evaluating several top financial systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, (Sage) Intacct was the clear choice for us because of its pure cloud approach and seamless best-in-class integration.” Reggie Alexis, Controller, Potential Church

We know the decision to grow your systems is an important one.

Contact us to feel confident in choosing the right solution that will fit your company’s needs now and in the future.

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