It just isn’t enough to focus solely on your mission, or your expertise in today’s market. To stay relevant in business, you also need to focus on using modern technology.

If you’re still using an outdated, on-premises style system like Great Plains, you may be spending too much time and too many resources gleaning insights from your data. That outdated type of set up can, in time, leave you scrambling to keep up with competition.

If your teams suffer inputting mountains of data into Excel, or other disconnected systems, take longer to close the books, or if you don’t have updated company performance at your fingertips, there’s an easier solution.


When teams move from Great Plains to Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud-based financial management solution, accounting teams can work faster and smarter.

Executive teams, finance, and stakeholders can work with current performance metrics and reporting data from customizable dashboards.  Sage Intacct’s flexible electronic workflows mean a lot more decision-making can happen faster, which just can’t be done with static, in-house based systems.


Automation for a great number of manual tasks allows frees time up for more focus on strategy. Sage Intacct’s configurable architecture means your company can set up transaction tracking, electronic approvals and a number of operational processes to suit your unique structure, to save time, reduce errors, and focus on growth.


No matter your metrics, and how frequently they change, working in the cloud means you can have access to your company or organization’s performance, with to-the-minute data accuracy, from wherever and whenever you need it.

With a powerful cloud-based financial management solution like Sage Intacct, your company can have access to not just financial, but operational data as well. This offers your key players a clearer direction for stronger growth strategies and as many performance updates as they need.


As your company grows, on-premises financial management software often cannot streamline your workflow by integrating with the other software solutions you rely on. In addition, when it comes to setting up entities, working in the cloud offers a faster, easier way.

Sage Intacct offers integrations with many other key solutions, so you won’t need to reinvent the wheel to streamline your workflow and boost accuracy. And as your business grows, Sage Intacct’s fast entity setup feature means your solution will scale with your business today, and in the days to come.

“With Sage Intacct, we have a true cloud system that streamlines our financial processes and gives a wide variety of people in our organization real-time visibility into key financial metrics from anywhere.” – Jennifer Sharp, Senior Accounting Manager, IslandWood

If your business is growing and you’re still using Great Plains, contact us for help in more easily scaling your financial processes with your business.


Looking to accelerate growth for your business, but your on-premise solution is stifling those possibilities? Check out our free whitepaper to discover 9 reasons Sage Intacct is blazing past Dynamics GP when it comes to financial management capabilities.

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