On-Call Billing: How does it work?

Physicians are all too familiar with the “on-call” system that allows for patients to be seen day and night. When a patient needs care after hours, hospitals and medical group staff may reference the on-call schedule to see which provider is available to meet the needs of the patient. Why not use the same strategy when it comes to billing?

Dean Dorton is excited to announce the launch of On-Call Medical Billing services! We have a team of industry experts dedicated to serving your practice with on-call medical billing and other business office services.

When your staff is absent due to sickness, PTO, maternity leave, etc., you may need interim support to complete critical tasks such as coding, charge-entry, claim submission, and payment posting. Think of us as your on-call billing team, a supplement to your day-to-day staff. Our goal is not to replace your team, but to temporarily augment your staff to ensure cash flow is maintained during extended team member absence.

Adam Shewmaker, Healthcare Consulting Director, Dean Dorton

“Our healthcare team is in constant communication with our clients about challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. It’s no secret that staffing challenges and the current labor market can put a strain on healthcare operations, so we’ve decided to think outside the box in order to help our clients find sustainable, scalable solutions. We’re excited to add another service to our rapidly growing healthcare service line and continue to serve an industry we are so passionate about.”

When to Utilize On-Call Billing Services:

  • Maternity, Paternity, or other FMLA
  • Team member PTO
  • Absence due to sickness or injury
  • Team member resignation or personnel turnover
  • When training team members on new systems

Benefits of On-Call Billing Services:

  • Billing continuity
  • Minimize and prevent backlogs
  • Maintain practice cashflow
  • Minimize customer service issues
  • Access to experienced medical billers
  • Maintain productivity levels

Dean Dorton Service Offerings:

  • Medical coding
  • Chart auditing
  • Billing and claim submission
  • A/R follow-up and denial resolution
  • Payment posting
  • Credentialing

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