Are your defenses as resilient as your digital ambitions?

Digitization – creating business value through digitized assets and expanded connectivity – is increasing exposure to cyber attacks. As a result, cyber-risk strategies are under the microscope.

New threat intelligence and trend analysis in the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report explains advances by the security industry and by criminals. Gain insights into how to effectively combat these threats with increased collaboration, communication, and coordination, and by investing for resilience. You’ll also learn how your security peers assess the state of security preparedness in their organizations.

Report highlights include:

  • How industry efforts have crippled major attacks
  • Shifts in tactics by cybercriminals to make money
  • Expert insights into top vulnerabilities
  • How adaptive, integrated solutions can quicken time to detection
  • An update about the state of enterprise security preparedness

Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report: Achieving Attack Resilience in a Digital Age

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