This year’s Customer Highlight award goes to Legacy Healthcare Services – a senior healthcare services organization spanning 10 states, with a complex multi-service, multi-location set-up.

When Legacy Healthcare’s CFO Jeff Huffman came on board, he quickly saw that Legacy’s financial team was in need of a change. Legacy was suffering under the weight of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s limitations.

Because the team was already overloaded with so many other priority tasks, their on-premise software hadn’t been updated in 7 years.  Further, Legacy produced over 300 different financial statements each month, and the Microsoft Dynamics’ general ledger couldn’t accommodate Legacy’s complex financial requirements.

With so much growth and change at Legacy, Huffman knew their financial team needed a software solution that could grow and flex with Legacy’s complex multi-location, multi-service structure, and offer deeper analytical insights into the business.

Legacy Healthcare Services receiving recognition at Sage Intacct Advantage 2017

The new CFO met with Massey Consulting, and after one meeting he knew he could find everything he was looking for in a new solution.

Massey Consulting did a great job understanding and relating to our business needs,” said Huffman.

He knew that Legacy’s move to the cloud with Sage Intacct would offer the kind of depth in reporting and open architecture that his teams so desperately needed during their time of rapid growth and intense change.

Legacy, now up and running with Sage Intacct, a best-in-class cloud accounting solution, are able to gaze down their path to success to see how far they have already climbed. These days, they are keeping up with growth, and are able to proactively prepare for what’s to come, rather than struggle with ill-fitting systems.

Legacy has seen a 50 percent reduction in closing time, which means their teams are finally getting to all the critical projects that have been sitting on hold for so long.  They have deep insights into the analytical data they need to make important decisions, and the system flexibility and reporting tools to handle their general ledger complexities that used to hold them back.

“The reporting capabilities and general efficiencies have won everyone over. There were some skeptics, however, they have all converted.” – Jay Huffman, Legacy Healthcare CFO

We congratulate Legacy Healthcare Systems with the Customer Highlight Award. They are a model for innovation in the face of growth for stepping outside of their comfort zone to use setbacks as a catalyst for growth adaptation, and to come out on top, doing all they can to remain an industry leader and a forward-thinking business.