Missy DeArk, Associate Director of Litigation Support and Valuation Services at Dean Dorton, was recently elected to serve as President of the Kentucky Collaborative Family Network, an organization facilitating an alternative to litigation.

Collaborative Family Law is a structured alternative resolution process that helps families avoid going to court for marital dissolution settlements. The process allows individuals to be represented and support by their own lawyer while collaborating with their spouse and his or her lawyer in resolving issues. Individuals (both parties) who choose this route of marital dissolution have a fully integrated settlement team consisting of attorneys and access to other professionals such as financial professionals like Missy and divorce coaches. The goal is to promote family peace and economic stability to the greatest extent possible and minimize adversity in the process and reach an equitable solution without court.

Missy provides an array of unparalleled support for family law attorneys and their clients in traditional and alternate dispute resolution settings:

  • Business valuation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Alimony/Child support calculations
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Bank and brokerage statement analysis
  • Marital vs. non-marital asset tracing
  • Fraud investigations
  • Cost basis of property calculations

Missy is also an experienced expert witness for many marital dissolution cases in Jefferson County and surrounding courts as well.

Missy DeArk, Associate Director of Litigation Support and Valuation Services

As President of the Kentucky Collaborative Family Network (KCFN), I hope to raise awareness of the resources available through the KCFN and enlighten up-and-coming attorneys, family health professionals, and financial professionals about the opportunities they have to serve the community through KCFN.