Team Member Spotlight: Allison Carter

Focus Area: Nonprofit Tax Years with Dean Dorton: 11 Years in the Accounting Industry: 11 Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: The opportunities that the firm creates and our commitment to quality work. Biggest firm accomplishment: Developing our nonprofit tax [...]

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Cost Segregation study, valuable tax savings imbedded in buildings

If you own real estate and pay federal income taxes, you can benefit from the results of a cost segregation study. A cost segregation study is an analysis performed by trained professionals to identify property [...]

December 19th, 2018|Real Estate, Tax, Uncategorized|

Massey Consulting Merges with Top Southeast Accounting Firm, Dean Dorton

Dean Dorton is expanding our presence outside the borders of Kentucky by merging in Massey Consulting, a full-service consulting firm specializing in accounting software products and services, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Massey Consulting’s team [...]

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Team Member Spotlight: Porter Roberts

Focus Areas: Tax and Healthcare Consulting Years with Dean Dorton: 36 Years in the Accounting Industry: 36 Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: All of the great people and the services to clients at the highest level. Biggest firm accomplishment: I [...]

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Team Member Spotlight: Kevin Cornwell

Focus Area: Technology Consulting / IT Audit and Compliance Years with Dean Dorton: 21 Years in the Accounting Industry: 27 Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: Dean Dorton has provided me with more opportunities than I could have possibly expected. [...]

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20 People to Know Accounting: Missy DeArk

See original article in Louisville Business First Missy DeArk, Dean Dorton's Dean Dorton’s Associate Director of Litigation Support and Valuation Services Business Consulting Group, was recently listed among the 20 professionals who earned a [...]

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Team Member Spotlight: Gina Whitis

Focus Area: Accounting and Financial Outsourcing Years with Dean Dorton: 4 Years in the Accounting Industry: 21 Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: My favorite thing about Dean Dorton is my team. I love the people with whom I work [...]

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act alert

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act alert: Today, the IRS  has issued Notice 2018-76 providing guidance on the business expense deduction for meals and entertainment.  For more information, contact your Dean Dorton advisor or Melissa [...]

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Team Member Spotlight: Erica Horn

Focus Area: Tax Years with Dean Dorton: 1 Years in Business Consulting: 30 Years in Tax: 15+ Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: The ability to assemble a team of extraordinary professionals to solve client problems. Biggest firm accomplishment: I have [...]

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How to build a compliant, secure business

What does a compliant, secure business look like? The reality is that a compliant, secure business is going to look different based on industry, size of business, type of regulatory environment the [...]

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