When the Carolina Hurricanes were looking for ERP solution options, Massey Consulting stepped in to offer expertise. In their switch from Sage Platinum to a better fitting cloud-based solution, the Hurricanes wanted greater options in reporting, and data retrieval with maximum flexibility to provide details about all the unique event situations that often occurred at the PNC Arena.

Massey presented the Hurricanes with Sage Intacct –  a best-in-class cloud accounting solution. Sage Intacct’s dashboards, multi-entity reporting, greater depth of dimensions, real-time data transparency and paperless environment were huge must-haves for the Hurricanes.

With Massey’s help, once the Hurricanes were up and running they never looked back.

From the get-go they could access up-to-date information on all their departments and events quickly and effortlessly. With the transparency of the cloud, they could get in-depth data and analyze key financial performance information from the various revenue streams associated with their individual events.  Their financial teams could sort, label and categorize data with speed and flexibility.

“All the modules have met my expectations…There has not been any disappointments with (Sage) Intacct.” – Shaun Nicholson, Director of Finance, Carolina Hurricanes.

After switching to Sage Intacct, the Hurricanes saved time, and improved data retrieval and reporting.

With Sage Intacct’s dashboards, their key decision makers have budget vs. actual reports at their fingertips. Their paperless environment even allows them to skip report-sharing meetings because everyone already has the information they need, and can drill down as much as they like to access critical data with a click of the mouse.

In addition, the Hurricanes found Sage Intacct’s simple and intuitive User Interface – or UI, a great benefit during implementation, allowing the transition to the new software solution much easier than they ever anticipated. Its intuitive design made training easy for the Hurricanes end users.

Massey, with their expert team of accountants, along with Sage Intacct’s leading cloud solutions, together helped streamline the Carolina Hurricanes growing business complexities. Thanks to Massey’s discovery process and implementation excellence, the Hurricanes analyze their data with deeper dimensions for faster and more accurate decision-making, and more accurate reporting, and have simplified their chart of accounts.

“With (Sage) Intacct, we are always up-to-date on the latest improvements for our ERP solution. I do not have to worry about not receiving the updates or if we are using the most recent best practices – unlike our previous on-premise solution, where we would have to manually complete updates to stay current,” said Nicholson on Sage Intacct’s automatic software updates, thanks to the cloud.

If your business is feeling the squeeze of ill-fitting systems, now is the right time to look into your options. With the cloud, the possibilities are endless to modernize your financial processes, to start getting the critical data you need when you need it, and to discover better-fitting systems for your growing success.
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