When it comes to Biotech business systems, it’s complicated. All of it. Tracking profitability is complicated. Reporting for regulatory compliance – also complicated. When you also consider the rapid growth your company is going through, your team’s research and development, reporting and business decisions aren’t going to get any easier any time soon.

We understand.

Our accounting experts recognize the unique management complexities that Biotech companies face. These companies have issues unlike any other industry, and those issues demand a unique approach to managing workflows and financials.  

Biotech companies need systems that can flex with new changes but can still provide a strong foundation that will scale with the company in the future.

To help Biotech companies navigate these hurdles for the long haul, we have created a free ebook on the 5 Essential Financial Management Practices of Biotech Companies Poised for Growth.

In our eBook, you will discover how to keep your financials accurate, and your workflow systems streamlined, now and going forward.  You’ll learn:

  • How to efficiently track project accounting costs using systems that will flex with your teams’ changing needs.
  • Habits in lot tracking and batch automation for precision, accuracy, and traceability.
  • Ways to unify your systems for flexible reporting that will scale with your company’s expansion.
  • More effective processes for streamlining workflows.
  • How best to grow with cloud technology to support your company’s unique complexities.

Success isn’t going to stop and wait for lagging internal processes, and productivity bottlenecks to catch up when the business is going strong.

Your business needs strong, timely solutions right now. Your company needs a best-in-class cloud solution like Sage Intacct to adapt quickly and to maintain the pace. It needs scalable business practices that deliver streamlined reporting efficiency, and real-time visibility into metrics stakeholders and decision-makers need.

Your teams need all the right integrations to keep research and development going, as systems and processes change to handle new growth, even when your company is at the height of production.

Do all you can to ensure your company’s unique needs are being met, in the areas they need the most help.