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Beaumont Family Dentistry leverages real-time data and accurate financial reporting with Dean Dorton’s AFO services

Beaumont Family Dentistry leverages real-time data and accurate financial reporting with Dean Dorton’s AFO services

By: Dean Dorton | November 9, 2020

CASE STUDY: Beaumont Family Dentistry is a full-service, Lexington based dental practice with three locations. We spoke with Hannah Golibersuch, Director of Operations at Beaumont Family Dentistry to take a deep dive into their team's experience working with Dean Dorton's Accounting and Financial Outsourcing (AFO) services.

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Beaumont Family Dentistry is a full-service dental practice, providing premium dental care to patients in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding communities for more than 35 years. The practice’s three locations leverage advanced technology, making dental care faster and easier.

Dean Dorton spoke with Hannah Golibersuch, Director of Operations at Beaumont Family Dentistry, to take a deep dive into their operational team’s experience with Dean Dorton’s accounting and financial outsourcing (Dean Dorton AFO) services.

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The Challenge

Before using Dean Dorton’s AFO services, Beaumont Family Dentistry managed all accounting functions and processes
internally through QuickBooks with just two employees. Some of the biggest barriers the dental practice faced with the QuickBooks platform was the lack of real-time data, which hindered the capability to glean accurate financial reporting to guide business decisions and manage expense allocation for financial reporting.

Beaumont Family Dentistry’s core management team could not make strategic business decisions regarding growth due to the lack of accurate financial reporting. “We had a hard time trusting the data presented to us, which made us skeptical in any decision-making that required some sort of financial risk,” said Hannah Golibersuch.

The Solution

Due to Beaumont Family Dentistry’s working relationship with Dean Dorton’s tax service group, Beaumont Family Dentistry made the decision to also work with Dean Dorton’s AFO team. The strong relationship with Dean Dorton’s tax team made the addition of AFO services an easy, compatible, and smooth transition.

Dean Dorton provides accounting and financial outsourcing services through intuitive, cloud-based accounting technology that the team at Beaumont Family Dentistry also has access to anytime, anywhere. Aside from 24/7 access to their real-time financial data, Beaumont Family Dentistry benefits from multi-dimensional dashboards and measurable metrics to track continuous business growth, with relevant key performance indicators for their practice. This transition allowed Beaumont Family Dentistry to reallocate team member efforts away from mundane repetitive accounting tasks and to more valuable long-term strategic roles.

"Accurate financial reporting has helped tremendously with guiding our business decisions."

Hannah Golibersuch, Director of Operations at Beaumont Family Dentistry

Benefits of AFO Services

The two biggest benefits that Beaumont Family Dentistry experienced by teaming up with the Dean Dorton AFO team were accurate financial reporting and financial report organization, particularly regarding expense location and the profit and loss (P&L) statement.

“We were able to reduce a portion of our overhead by centralizing services with the AFO team,” said Mrs. Golibersuch. “Dean Dorton also ensures that the month’s financials are closed within an appropriate timeframe, which we struggled to do beforehand, and that we meet on a monthly basis so that all data can be reviewed to ensure its accuracy.”

Additionally, Beaumont Family Dentistry now has access to the breadth of knowledge and industry experience that Dean Dorton’s team brings to the table. From tax implications, GAAP accounting, cash management, and multi-entity management, the Dean Dorton AFO team is able to provide expertise in each of these areas.

"The Dean Dorton AFO team is so critical to the financial organization and success of our business! The work that they do allows us to make financially informed business decisions as we now have on-demand access to accurate financial reporting. The AFO team is also readily available if we need any assistance and their communication is top notch. Our partnership with Dean Dorton and the AFO Team allows the team at Beaumont Family Dentistry to focus on doing what we do best, and that is taking care of our patients!"

Hannah Golibersuch, Director of Operations at Beaumont Family Dentistry

Why Dean Dorton?

Dean Dorton’s AFO team has numerous years of experience and expertise in various industries, including dental practices, bringing valuable recommendations to dental practices to increase their efficiency, productivity, and long-term strategic planning. Through the use of cloud-based accounting software, Dean Dorton AFO clients have access to real-time financial data with dimensional reporting and dashboards which allow clients to make better business decisions faster.

Through cloud-based accounting software technology advancements and the skillset of a qualified team like Dean Dorton AFO, dental practices like Beaumont Family Dentistry can focus on providing excellent service to their patients and focus on long-term strategic goals rather than get muddled down in the day-to-day of manual accounting processes.

“Dean Dorton has completely changed the way we are able to make business decisions and it has allowed the experts to manage this,” said Mrs. Golibersuch. “We can trust that the financial numbers presented to us on a monthly basis are all inclusive and accurate.”

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