Anxious About the Economy? Sage Intacct Has the Solution

Economists predict a recession in 2023. And while they debate how long it will last, how bad it will get, and which industries will suffer the worst, they agree that economic conditions will decline in the months ahead, and just about everyone will feel some impact. 

So how do you prepare? By doing something unexpected: replacing your current accounting software with Sage Intacct. 

Accounting issues and inefficiencies are never good, but during a recession they hurt much worse and must be avoided at all costs. Replacing software that may be outdated or under-powered prevents this very real risk from making the recession even worse. 

More importantly, though, Sage Intacct gives you the resources necessary to navigate the difficult, dynamic consequences of a recession to remain viable, keep competitive, and even emerge stronger. No one is recession-proof, of course. But with a robust financial management platform in place, you have the means to withstand a recession by cutting costs, driving revenues, planning wisely, and acting boldly. Here’s how Sage Intacct makes that possible:

Cloud-Based Accounting

Cloud accounting makes operations lean, agile, and efficient by eliminating the need to be in a specific location to access accounting tools or financial data. From downsizing office space to recruiting remote workers to upgrading client service, companies can evolve however the economy demands with the flexibility of cloud accounting at their disposal. 

Integration & Automation

Integrating all financial data, every accounting workload, and many aspects of business management on one platform helps eliminate many of the mistakes and miscommunications that companies must avoid in a bad economy. On a brighter note, integration also enables you to automate time and labor-intensive accounting routines to instantly become more productive, accurate, and innovative.

Real-Time Data Access

Any change made in Sage Intacct changes the data throughout the system so that the numbers are always updated without requiring someone to make those changes manually. Likewise, decision makers don’t have to wait for those updates or question whether the metrics in front of them are current and correct. In a recession, when every decision counts, Sage Intacct puts the best data forward.

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful tools for financial analysis help accountants understand business performance objectively and in-depth, revealing what’s actually driving success and failure. Sage Intacct also has self-service reporting tools that bring more data into the decision-making process. At a time when you have many questions, the platform has ways to supply the answers. 

It makes sense to prioritize new accounting software ahead of (or in the midst of) a recession when you need to be as financially fit as possible. That said, it’s vital to choose the right software, and the right implementation provider. Dean Dorton offers technical experts to set up Sage Intacct, plus business consultants to help you utilize the system for success during (and after) a recession. 

How could Sage Intacct fortify your own organization against an uncertain economy? Let’s explore the answer together – contact Dean Dorton