What does it take to run a top-notch equine operation? Staff, space, equipment, and animals, of course. But it takes something else that you may overlook or underestimate: accounting software.

Most businesses have accounting software in place already – but that doesn’t mean they have checked this box yet. Basic, introductory options like Quickbooks may be adequate, at least in the early days. Before long, however, they become a burden on the business.

Outdated or under-powered accounting software does you more harm than good. It wastes time, causes confusion, and struggles with the particulars of equine accounting. At the very least, bad accounting software makes it harder to operate effectively. At the very worst, it leads to a financial disaster. Either way, any horse-based business with lackluster accounting software will struggle to grow, compete, or survive.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that robust accounting software makes smart financial management not just possible but easy.

The Bigger Benefits of Upgraded Accounting Software
It comes as no surprise that better accounting software makes routine obligations like closing the books or paying invoices all run faster and more precisely with less (if any) input from the person who handles accounting. That’s only the beginning though. Having comprehensive accounting software to work with has positive implications for the entire business:

  • Adapt and InnovateA better view into accounting and finance gives you the ability to adapt as necessary and innovate effectively, which are both important as the equine industry evolves. Managing cash, debt, time and countless other resources all become easier with the aid of accounting software that integrates, automates, and streamlines everything possible.
  • Compete With AnyoneMature equine businesses (or any business that hopes to get there) rely on a different class of accounting software. With the software in place, your business can improve accounting and fine-tune finance to get on the same playing field as the leaders in the industry.
  • Drive PerformanceOnce you can track your financial performance in depth you can start to push metrics in a positive direction. Strategic decision making improves by upgrading accounting software, as does routine money management, leading to better outcomes across the board.

The Right Software for the Equine Industry
There are plenty of options for upgrading accounting software, but only one that does exactly what the equine industry needs. It’s cloud-based to give you access to everything from anywhere. It offers dimensional accounting so you can track financial metrics for individual horses, or easily customize accounting in countless other ways. It automates the most important and unwanted accounting obligations you deal with. And it offers seamless reporting capabilities that bring financial performance into focus. What’s it called? Sage Intacct.

Dean Dorton has served the equine industry – from the heart of horse country in Kentucky – for more than 40 years. We know the industry, we know the businesses inside and out, and we know the importance of good accounting above all. Given our unparalleled experience, we believe Sage Intacct offers what no other accounting software can. Explore different ways Dean Dorton can help you use accounting software to your advantage – contact us today!