This blog is the June Edition of our CFO Minute: A Sage Intacct ERP Series.

THE DAY THE DASHBOARDS STOOD STILL— Integrations between systems are important- but they become even more crucial if your day-to-day tasks include taking on the looming responsibility of manually rekeying in data from system to system. Sound familiar?

When modern businesses face rapid growth, their reporting data becomes more complex. Their workload becomes more intense, and they suddenly need more answers at a faster rate.

Growing companies need accurate data to keep their teams working in the present. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to prioritize what they need to stay on top of their company’s performance. Here are key highlights of what Sage Intacct’s innovative dashboards are able to bring to the table for businesses of any industry, of any size:

Real-time Visibility

Businesses, regardless if they are big or small, multi-entity or one location, need visibility – but not the visibility that means waiting weeks for answers. They need visibility into their metrics right now.

With the cloud, it’s possible for every company out there to see their data in real time, to drive their business at the speed of change, no matter how simple or complex.

Fast and Accurate Reporting

Growing companies need accurate reporting without having to re-enter data, write scripts or export their reports into Excel. They need to quickly gain insight into their performance.

They don’t need a system where they have to wait until the month-end to make critical company decisions with aging data. With the cloud, they don’t have to.

Sage Intacct, a cloud-based best-in-class financial management solution, has the tools that growing companies need to scale growth:

– Real-time Visibility on One Screen: Sage Intacct’s dashboard feature allows you to quickly drag and drop options to customize your view into your company’s performance. With graphs, charts and customized lists, the finance team and executives are able to sharpen their decision-making. Dashboards showcase only the metrics you need right now, with the option to change those metrics as your business changes in the future.

– Integrations: Unlike Netsuite and some legacy programs, Sage Intacct integrates well with many other best-in-class software solutions like SalesForce, ADP, and Paychex. This means your company can focus on growth –  not on trying to modify the way you do everything to accommodate your new software.

-Strong reporting customizations: With over 150 reporting options to start, teams can generate and deliver the latest financial and operations data more quickly and accurately, via email or the cloud, with more relevant data, and no waiting until month-end to see into your company’s progress.

Sage Intacct’s unique tagging feature allows you and your teams the capability to drill all the way down to the source transaction level for a more comprehensive view into your performance.

Sage Intacct’s Dashboards offers what growing companies need to work in the present and light a fire under growth.

Let Dean Dorton help you choose a financial management system that fits you, to help scale your teams and your business.

Sage Intacct’s Reports & Dashboards Data Sheet