IT Audit Services

IT Audit

Our technology consultants work closely with our audit teams to provide IT general controls testing and services on our audit engagements. We have worked to develop an IT general control framework that can be used to perform a general IT assessment for any organization. Our technology consultants are experienced in providing HIPAA security risk assessments, SOX 404 compliance and service organization control reporting.

A unique difference between Dean Dorton IT auditors and other IT auditors is that, when we are not auditing, we are consulting and supporting daily IT operations. This gives us a unique hands-on perspective.

Risk Assessment

Dean Dorton is a leader in assisting organizations with risk assessments. We know the importance of properly identifying and mitigating your significant risks. We have the expertise to help you determine the appropriate response to various risks including those related to fraud, cybersecurity, and financial reporting. We know that “one size does not fit all” so we tailor our risk assessment process to meet your needs. Typically, a risk assessment includes:

  • Identify risks that could significantly impact financial results and operations
  • Categorize and prioritize risks
  • Identify controls, processes, activities that mitigate risks
  • Summarize results of risk assessments, validate with management

Enterprise Risk Management

An effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program identifies and quantifies all risks — not just compliance-related risks — and establishes formal, end-to-end risk management processes. Because ERM covers a wider spectrum of risk, a robust ERM program allows you not only to mitigate or avoid losses, but also to facilitate critical decision-making by evaluating uncertain events that could positively affect your business. ERM will also help you identify emerging risks more quickly and improve the capabilities of the risk management system to handle them. Our ERM teams assist you in adopting an enterprise-wide approach to analyzing and prioritizing risks and aligning them with your strategic goals. ERM services include:

  • ERM implementation
  • Governance and corporate culture
  • Board of directors evaluation or training
  • Facilitated risk assessment

IT Audit and Risk Assessment Benefits

  • Decrease significant risks to your organization
  • Ability to focus on core business objectives
  • Meet compliance standards
  • Ensure proper controls throughout your entire enterprise
  • Proactive insight – prevent future risks and compliance issues